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Saturday, 6 July 2013

A right royal pain in the arse!

You'd think, being a spanko I'd be used to them right?

Well the problem I have is with writing. Y'all want punishment spankings, right? But no matter how I look at it I can't seem to get into my head that spanking is a punishment. To me it's a reward. So. to make it a punishment there has to be an element of fear, right?

And that there is my difficulty.

I never fear them, to me spanking is just good sex! That doesn't mean that sex will have to follow a spanking or indeed that it has to be part of it at all. But somehow it nearly always ends up that way. Even when we promise each other it won't.

My favourite sweet nothings whispered in my ear are, "go on upstairs and get the [cane/belt/wooden spoon] and prepeare yourself for a spanking." My insides melt and my "ladyparts" come alive.

Punishment? Who am I kidding? It's pure joy. And a right royal pain in the arse because it makes punishment so hard to describe.


  1. Lol Tara!

    I am TOTALLY with you here! And you've got MY ladyparts melting just reading this.

    Now to go find my hubby......

    :) Cali

  2. Thanks Cali, I hope you found your hubby. Mine found me! ;-)

  3. I am the same way. Spanking is just the lead up to fantastic sex for me. I don't think I would like a punishment spanking in real life, it doesn't sound very fun. But I like to read about them in a book... I have stopped trying to figure out why this is.
    I don't know if you necessarily have to create an element of fear. You can still write a book about a spanko who likes being spanked, but when it comes down to getting a punishment spanking she is more upset that she got herself into trouble, rather than afraid of the spanking. A lot of it is emotional anyway.
    Or just don't write in a punishment spanking, people will read all kinds of books with all kinds of spankings! Good luck!