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Monday 14 April 2014

#Liebster Award

I want to thank the wonderful erotic author LA Cloutier for nominating me for this award and for her excellent questions. Click the link on her name above to get to know more about LA. 

1. What do you think a good blog needs to have in order to have appeal to blog readers? 
Good question – when I figure that out I’ll let you know!
The blogs I enjoy most though are those that are real. Not just promotional. Things that bring in a little of real life – even if you’re writing under a pen name.  The advantage of a blog over a book is that the author gets a chance to show a little of their own personality and existence.

2. In the year 2013, who were you most jealous/envious of and why? 
I don’t really do envy or jealousy. If someone succeeds or achieves it’s usually because they put in the work and deserve the credit. I can work with admire though! I really admire Malala Yousafzai – the young woman who took on the Taliban and survived. In 2013 she  was awarded the Nobel peace prize and the Sakharov prize for Freedom of Thought. What’s not to admire?

3. What is the #1 thing on your bucket list? 
To see my three children grow up happily and be fit to face the world as well adjusted adults.

4. When is the last time someone sent/brought you flowers?
Two weeks ago - my husband bought me lilies – my favorite flowers.
5. How old were you when you got your first kiss and did you like it? 
What a question! 14 and no, I thought it was horrible and slimy.

6. Has becoming an author been everything you had hoped for and thought it would be?
I never intended to become an author so the whole thing has taken me by surprise. I had no expectations but so far I am loving it.

7. What has been your biggest hurdle so far? 
I ‘m interpreting that question as being my biggest hurdle as a writer, and it’s definitely trying to get up to date with technology. I’m from an era that grew up without computers and I find it so hard to get it to work for me.

8. You have been granted 1 wish, what is it?
Seriously? One? It has to be continued health to enjoy living right into old age. 

9. What advice would you give to a new author/writer?
Go for it! You never know what will happen. Also, study every book you read, no matter what genre, see what makes you tick, and learn from it. The day you stop learning is the day you stop improving. 

10. Do you love/hate or love to hate Twitter? 
It’s technology isn’t it? Therefore a big fat hate.

11. Where is your happy place?  
I’m sitting in it as I type. My home. When I come in and shut the door, everything outside the perimeter and my family ceases to matter. It’s in the heart of the countryside and the sounds I hear now right now are the ticking of the grandfather clock, and birds singing . The sun is shining, the room I’m in has windows on two walls and I see blue skies, trees beginning to bud, green grass and spring flowers. Heaven.

Eleven totally useless and very boring facts about me!
1.   I have three children – one boy and twin girls.
2.   I’ve been married for sixteen years  but have been with my husband for twenty one years.
3.   I am one of six children.
4.   My favourite author of all time is Jane Austen.
5.   My favourite genre to read is thrillers – the gorier the better.
6.   I am trying desperately to kick the smoking habit that I started 17 years ago and it’s not easy!
7.   I’m a couch potato but enjoy swimming and walking.
8.   I am besotted with the Irish countryside. No matter how bad my mood, there is usually something of beauty to put it right on my doorstep.
9.   I generally don’t  get involved in organized religion, but that said, I don’t doubt the existence of a god, a higher being that we have to answer to, call him what you will. I see him all around me
10.                     I love many types of music but opera is probably my favourite – a good tenor will send shivers down my spine.
11.                     I really really wish I was better with computers. Even this post won’t align correctly L

Your questions are.
1.How often do you blog and why did you start?
2. Are there any blogs you follow regularly outside of your preferred writing genre? If so, what makes them appeal to you?
3. What was the first full book you ever wrote?
4. What prompted you to start writing?
5. Is there any one book that you’ve read over and over? If so what was it?
6. Aside from writing, what is your favourite pastime?
7. What is your proudest achievement, either in writing or in life?
8 What do you most want to achieve in life? Have you already achieved it or are you actively working on it?
9. If you  had the opportunity to meet one person you really admire, who would it be, and what would you want to ask them?
10. What makes you happiest?

11. If you could pick anywhere in the world, where would you go?


  1. Great to get to know you better. Love reading these types of blogs.

    1. Thanks, Cara. I do too. It makes the writers real people.

  2. I would not have pegged you for an opera-listener! Very cool to find out new things about you! Thanks for the nomination, I will have to get started on my answers :)

    1. LOL Casey, I wonder if being a closet opera listener is as bad as being a closet spanko :D
      It's one of those things I don't often talk about!

  3. LOL, Tara. I hate technology too!
    Great post. I get touched by music too. Harmonies especially!

    1. Thanks Katherine,
      If you figure out any of that horrible techie stuff will you share with me?

  4. Great Post, Tara!
    I can just imagine you in your Irish countryside home, clicking away at the keys while the sun warms your shoulders and the birds sing sweet melodies to you.
    Loved your answer to #3 and as far as computers and technology go... I'm with you on that one. Computers were just starting to come around when I was a junior in Highschool. They both fascinated and frustrated me. I worked after school and full time during the summer for a company that built apple computers. I used to put together and solder the motherboards, which is why I'm probably still so much of a mechanical geek today. I enjoy taking them apart and fixing them, but I am lost when it comes to all of today's programs, apps and user functionality. It's all just so overwhelming at times.
    I also like what you said about learning and writing. It's a fun and never ending journey.
    I wish you the best of luck with the smoking issue... I'm still trying to kick it myself.... I keep looking at pic's of my Grandkids and telling myself. "You want to see them graduate don't you?"
    High five on #10
    I'm looking forward to the authors you've tagged. I really like learning more about the the awesome authors I read as well as finding new ones.

    1. Thanks LA.
      Wow - you can pull computers apart and put them back together again? That's impressive!
      On the scenery thing - you've just motivated me to do a slide show so you can see what I see.

    2. I'd love to see that slide show when your done with it, Tara! I'll probably never get an opportunity to physically see Ireland so seeing what you see around you would be awesome. Please contact me with a FB message or a comment on a blog piece when you're ready to share it. :-)

  5. Love this post and love the questions! One of the things I appreciate about you is your honesty and just the way you look at life and the reality of it. Your books have that too. I'm very glad to know you and I hope you get that wish and live a very long and full life.

    1. Thanks Natasha,
      Too kind as always. I have to thank LA for the wonderful questions. She put a lot of thought into them.

  6. Hi Tara. I really enjoyed this - great answers! If you want a hand with blog formatting, I would be happy to help. I used to work in IT Support and sometimes my knowledge even extends beyond 'Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?". Drop me a line at ettastark@hotmail.com if you would like me to take a look.

  7. ROFL Etta, I'm good at the turn it off and on again part, beyond that I'm in trouble! Thanks for the offer, I may well take you up on it.

  8. I'm late to the party! I loved learning more about you. Will post my own today. Thank you for nominating me. ;)