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Monday, 16 September 2013

Maddie Taylor's calls to tell me about "Little Light of Mine."

Today I’m delighted to have Maddie Taylor visiting with me talking about her new release: Little Light of Mine from the Club Decadence Series.

TF: Hi Maddie, and welcome. I’m all excited to hear you have just released another of the Club Decadence series.

MT:  Great to be here, Tara and thanks for having me on your blog today. I’ve been looking forward to it because your blogs are fun and creative.  BTW, this is the first time I have really interacted with someone from Ireland.  My dear little Grandma Tiernan would be thrilled.  That we connected I mean,  not about the subject matter.   Knowing we’re talking about sex and spankings probably has her spinning in the grave as we speak.   Bless her sweet little Irish Catholic heart.  LOL.     

TF:Ha,ha, Maddie! That makes me laugh. I bet she was more robust than you think! 
I love the premise for the series, A group of people connected through both the army and a BDSM club. What inspired you?

MT:  I’ve always loved military men, not just because they all seem to be big, strong, dominant and very sexy men but I like the “band of brothers” kind of thing.  I’ve always thought it rather sad that these men who spend so much time together and experience dangerous and life threatening situations, who have become best friends and established a true connection,  often lose track of their buddies when they return home.  In my series it is the opposite, they have banded together through common goals  and interests (that’s where the BDSM Club comes in) and stay close, like brothers, even after the war. 

You’ll find in the books that the women have a connection, too.   Whether sisters, old friends, old schoolmates, or just kinky ladies that met at The Club I have them connected through a sisterhood.  In Little Light they even form what they call Little Black Dress (LBD) night where they have a weekly girls night out.  Of course where Margaritas flow freely, gossip and general naughtiness soon follow.  LOL 
TF: Just like any great girls night out so, Maddie! I like what I’ve read so far. Good strong women but even stronger men! Is that how you see yourself? A strong woman looking for, or already with, an even stronger man?  

MT:  Yes.  Aren’t we all?  I am a mom, career woman and now a part-time writer.  Women wear so many hats and are required to play so many roles, how could we survive if we weren’t strong?  I am not a lifestyle DD or D/s participant but can admit that I am more of a sexual submissive.   I am married to a wonderful man who is also a little bent, aka kinky, like me.  It’s hot, turns us on and doesn’t harm anyone else and is 100% consensual.  Modern woman that I am, I let him spank me with that red leather paddle or any of the other fun toys we have stashed in our closet.    So, yes Tara, I’ve found that “stronger man” to meet my needs.  Happily this allows me to check some of those many hats at the bedroom door.  J  Oh please, stop spinning already Grandma… this is 2013!

TF: Ach, I bet she wouldn’t be half so shocked as you think. Even the Irish Catholics had “marital relations”  once in a while! How do you think the Irish got everywhere? So “Little Light Of Mine” – what a cute name – it’s certainly not what you would associate with a BDSM series  of books! How did you come up with it?

MT:  Titles can be a bear sometimes, can’t they?  None of my books have an obvious BDSM title.  I usually look for a line or phrase in the book that captures its essence.  Faithfully was named for a Journey song from the 70’s and the lyrics captured the essence of the couple, committed and loving despite being apart.  Captain, My Captain came from the Hero’s title but also because it was the playful name the heroine called him, neither liking Sir or Master which are so common.  You Said Forever was named after the vow of “forever” the couple made to each other.  Finally, in Little Light of Mine, it is a play on the heroine’s name.  I have always loved the name Elena.  She is Latina and her name in Spanish means “little light”.  It was obvious from there.  It is also the special nickname that Dex calls her along with “chaquita” and a few other Spanish endearments.  I love when a man uses a unique nickname that has a special meaning to just the two of them.

TF: I really hope when I go and buy this book I’m going to get a chance to get another small glimpse of the characters I got to know and love in  Faithfully. Is that the case?

MT:  Definitely.  It is a series and the characters have a recurring role in each of the books.  I always like to know what happens beyond the epilogue, don’t you.  Especially if you fall in love with the characters.  

TF: I totally agree. It’s funny when I read a book I enjoy I almost continue their stories in my head for a while, wondering what might happen next! Maddie, I wish you every success with your latest release. Thank you so much for coming to visit with me today. And thanks for letting me share a little excerpt of “Little Light of Mine” with my  blog readers. It's such a tempting little teaser that I can't wait to read it.

MT:  Thanks so much, Tara.  I enjoyed sharing.  

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Synopsis:  Here is the blurb from Little Light of Mine,  Club Decadence  Book 3

Once deeply in love and committed to each other this pair of star crossed lovers were separated by distance and war.  Now when their happily ever after is finally within reach, fate intervenes and thrusts     Elena in the midst of intolerable violence, family secrets and lies.  She flees leaving Dex confused, heartbroken and bitter from a broken engagement.
After spending time apart, Elena who has just begun to get her disordered life back together, returns to help care for her ill father.  A talented singer songwriter, she looks for work in town and finagles an audition at San Antonio’s most exclusive BDSM club.  Her plan is to try to make it up to Dex and try to recapture the love and affection they once had.
But Dex has made other plans for his life.  Now the managing partner and the Master Dom for The Club, Dex returns to find his former fiancĂ©e performing in his lounge.  Barely recognizing the girl he once loved, Dex kicks her out of his club without a second thought.  Only he’s lying to himself.  He still wants her with a need so strong it verges on obsession.  He’s determined to dominate her willing body and finally exorcise her from his mind and his life once and for all. 
Return to Club Decadence for Dex and Elena’s story.  Rossi Security’s ex-Green Berets are still working to rid Texas of the insidious Mexican drug trade and this time Elena is involved.  We also delve into the internal threat from a cyber-stalker.  We get to meet up with old friends and explore more BDSM play as we watch the Doms of Club Decadence slowly succumb to love one by one.  
This romantic story contains consensual spanking, BDSM elements, graphic sex and some violence.  

She entered the reserved private room and waited inside the door as instructed.  Of course, Dex was already there.  Dressed all in black, he stood next to a bondage table.  The soft lights in the room glinted off the natural golden highlights in his sandy brown hair and his pale blue eyes glinted in the low lighting.    He was mouth wateringly handsome.  His muscular frame was tightly wrapped in a T-shirt and sinfully snug leather pants.  Even in the semi-dark room, she could tell he was aroused and for the first time in a very long while, Elena felt moisture begin to gather between her thighs. 
“Good evening, Elena.  You’re late again.  Not the best way to start out our agreement, do you think?”
“I’m sorry.  I got to The Club on time it’s just that…”
“The reason doesn’t matter.  I’m sure you remember how I am about promptness.”  Grabbing a straight back chair, he moved it to the center of the room and sat.  “We’ll take care of your correction before we begin the scene.  Remove your panties, lift your skirt and take your place across my thighs.”
Elena’s pussy clenched at those words.  She had dreamed about another spanking from Dex for two long years.  She walked quietly to his side, slid off her tiny thong and lifted the short leather skirt.  She felt his hand gently guiding her as she lowered herself face down across his firm thighs.  She sighed softly in contentment.  This felt so right; she had missed him so much.
“I’m sure you remember the rules, but since it’s been a while I’ll give you a refresher.  Legs are to remain spread at all times.”  He paused.  After several moments passed where he said nothing else, she got the hint and spread her legs wide as he liked. 
“As to the other rules, feet on the floor, no kicking, hands in front.  No reaching back or trying to block me.  And as always, watch your mouth.  Crying and other noises are permissible, but no cursing or name-calling.  That will only earn you more.  You brought this on yourself by being late, so take it like the adult you are.”
“Yes Sir-,” her response was cut short by the first resounding smack from his open palm.  It was soon followed by another and another.  Dex immediately set up a rapid staccato rhythm as he covered every inch of her rounded behind with sharp, stinging smacks.  Elena’s initial moans turned to yelps and cries for forgiveness.
“I’m sorry, Sir.  I’ll do better, I promise.”
“I’ve heard that before.  In future, you will arrive at least fifteen minutes in advance of our appointments and will be stripped and ready for our scene.”  He continued paying attention to her upper thighs as he spoke.  His goal was her acquiescence and when she lay limp and submissive across his lap, he knew he had achieved it.  He stopped, rubbing his large hand over the warm, inflamed cheeks.  “There’s a good sub.  Now we can get on to the purpose of our meeting, yeah?” 


  1. Thanks for having me on today, Tara. I love sharing about hot, sexy, spanking men. Oh... and I like talking about my books, too. LOL

    1. It was great to have you here Maddie - thanks for visiting and telling us all about "Little Light of Mine" and for sharing a bit of Maddie Taylor

  2. Nice interview! I liked the insight on how you get your titles Maddie. I hate thinking up titles! Hot excerpt, adding this to my TBR list :)

    1. The title bit sure can be tricky can't it Casey!
      Maddie treated us to a great excerpt

  3. Really nice interview. It's so nice getting to know authors like this. It's different than any other sort of chat and I like it. Congrats on the release Maddie.

    1. Thanks Narasha - I love getting looking a bit beyond the book. It's great to have authors visit and Maddie was a great interviewee - so candid.

    2. Thanks Natasha. Ours came out the same weekend! Now if we can only find time to read. Memba that???

  4. Sometimes I'm a bit too TMI for the hubby's taste. Shhhh! Let's just keep the red leather paddle thing between us. I don't want it hauled out again just yet. Yikes!

  5. Lovely interview, you two. It's nice to know Maddie a bit better. Good luck with the new book, and with the whole series, Maddie.

    1. Thank you Patricia. I hope it goes really well for Maddie too - I'm sure it will.