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Friday, 13 September 2013

Mary Wehr's Her Heart's Desire. Cade Reese and Sara put me in my box!

Stop the lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve just come over all a flutter because Cade, Reese and Sara have just come to visit with the lovely Mary Wehr. I pour five glasses of Irish Whiskey to loosen the tongues as this surely is a nerve wracking situation, for me anyway. Two firm  spanking men in the one room…
TF: “Welcome all, well nearly all, I have to admit I asked Mary to leave you behind Sara as I wanted to get these two hunks all to myself but it seems like Mary has some explaining to do…. Well, Mary what have you to say for yourself on that score?”
Sara gives me a look that would kill and sits in between Cade and Reese and puts a protective hand on each. Mary gives me a warning look that says “behave if you don’t want to get your hide whupped”- hell it’s almost an invitation when you see this pair but l’lI try to be good.
MW: *grins* Now, Tara, what woman wouldn’t want to be the filling between these two gorgeous men?
Sara arched a brow. “Don’t even think about adding another woman to this equation, my dear author of mine. You created these two hotties for me.”
TF: Well, I guess I’ll have to make the best of it. Boys, seems like you’ve been sharing women for a while until Sara called a halt. If you can remember back, what was it first prompted you to share the same woman? Cade, perhaps you might answer first
Cade: “I like to watch a woman being pleasured. It’s a huge turn on for me. Women were made to be loved, cherished AND properly disciplined when needed.” He tilted his head in his brothers’ direction. “Now Reese here is a lover not a disciplinarian. I’m the one to hold that title. A woman’s tears are his downfall.”
Reese reached around Sara and whacked his brother on the head. “Like you don’t get all tongue tied when a woman cries.” He winked. “I specialize in the aftercare, although I can dish out a spanking as well as Cade when our woman is naughty.”
Cade’s mouth twitched at Sara’s infuriated huff. “It was all fun and games but then Sara here captured my heart,” he said.  “I knew I was in it for the long haul and the only other man I’d trust not to hurt her is my brother.”

Reese pressed a kiss to Sara’s forehead. “There will be no other woman for me and I’m happy just knowing that if something happened to me Cade will see that she’s taken care of.”

Sara has loosened her grip on the two men, I can tell because her knuckles are no longer knotted and white. She really is quite lovely. I can see the appeal.  Reese is smiling and looking all relaxed as he sips on his Jameson, his long hair curling in under his collar. I’m tempted to lift it out but Cade can see how I’m eyeing his brother and boy, his look is so severe that I sit tight, but I gotta admit it makes me want to irk Cade so I get cheeky. (Silly really, I should be more observant of the fact that he hasn’t taken as much as one sip of his whiskey)
TF. Reese, considering all you boys had been through together, I’d imagine you must have been less than impressed when Cade announced he had a woman that he wouldn’t share. You must have felt he was being selfish.  What were your thoughts about him keeping a beaut like Sara all to himself?  Be honest now. We all know you fancied the pants off her.
Reese rubbed the back of his neck. “Whew, that’s a tough one.  I do remember Sara having a crush on Cade when we were younger and at that time we both saw her as a sister. She was a cute little minx in her pigtails.” He winced when Sara poked him in the ribs. “And a brat but it’s simple really. I love her enough to let her go even though I’d be the one left hurting.”

Cade is fuming now. His dark features are yet darker…I’m almost scared. Crap! I wish he’d take a drink and lighten up…I decide to avoid asking him anything yet and hone in on Sara who is enjoying watching me squirm and emboldened by the fiery liquid, she’s not hiding it. Hmm, I have just the stuff for her…
TF. Sara, I know you had the hots for Reese as well as Cade. But Holy Cow! It must have been hard to drape yourself over Reese’s knee while Cade was there watching the action. What thoughts went through your head?
Sara: “Embarrassment, mortification, anger really that Cade would suggest such a thing but then I looked at Reese’s hard thighs and large hands and I was toast. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Cade was giving me a way out of a situation I had placed myself in.  I couldn’t keep going on the way I was. I wanted and needed both men in my life but the shame of what my mother had done left me feeling guilty.” She rubbed the side of her cheek on Cade’s muscled arm. “This man has the ability to know exactly what I need and when I need it.”

TF, Um, I know this is getting a bit personal Sara, but do you always um…do them together, or do you ever go one on one?
Sara lowered her head.  Cade placed his arm around her shoulders and hugged her close. He eyed Tara sternly. “Tara, you should be spanked for making our Sara blush.”
Sara jerked upright and shot her husband a glare. “Tara can get her own men to spank her, thank you very much.” She straightened her shoulders and raised her chin defiantly but there was a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “I like to snuggle between my guys but I love them both equally so there’s no problem if either of them wants some alone time with me.”

TF: Do neither of you boys get jealous if you’re left out?
Both men shook their heads. “Sara’s happiness is our main focus,” Cade replied. “If she desires some alone time with one of us there’s no hard feelings.”
TF, Sara, do you think you’ll ever share these two delicious specimens with another woman, or is it strictly one way only? (my heart thumps excitedly hoping for a favourable answer)
Sara shook her head vehemently. “As far as I’m concerned there will be no other woman in the picture.” She looked at Cade first then Reese. “Isn’t that right boys?”

TF. Mary, you shared a wonderful story in a very open way with us about these people’s rather unusual arrangement. I really enjoyed reading it. It was a hell of a sexy read.  How on earth did you find them and get them to agree to share?
“Both Cade and Reese were good men. They were searching for one woman to pleasure and love. A woman with Sara’s background was the perfect choice. Her mother left her in the hands of an alcoholic father and a bible thumpin’ aunt.
TF: Guys and Gals, thanks so much for visiting. Sara, to tell the truth, I’m really glad you came along too!
Sara: “Thank you for having us on your blog, Tara.”
I understand Mary is generously letting me share a little excerpt on the blog today. Read it for yourselves to find out what a hot book this is. And if you like what you see be sure to click the buy links and grab a copy. I totally recommend it.  5 out of 5 stars from me.

Book Blurb:
Will the shame of her mother's betrayal prevent Sara from having her heart's desire?

Sara Martin spent her life longing for two things—less responsibility and the boy next door. When Cade Dalton finally noticed her, she was thrilled. But when he suggested a threesome with his brother, she knew the rumors she'd heard were true—Cade and Reese Dalton shared women, something Sara despised. Her mother had chosen a life of sordid sex with two men over her marriage, leaving a broken ten-year-old girl behind. No way was Sara going down that road. She was happy to comply with Cade's dominant tendencies, but she would not stand for any "sharing" in the relationship.

To her surprise, Cade agreed to give up his lifestyle in order to be with her. He swore to never again bring up the idea of a threesome, insisting that having Sara as his wife—and the Head of Household arrangement they'd come to—was more than enough to make him happy.

But six months into the marriage Sara's brother-in-law was beginning to look mighty fine. She regretted passing on the chance to be between the two sexy Dalton brothers, but after her violent reaction to Cade's suggestion she was too ashamed to admit she had changed her mind. And too ashamed to admit she wanted the same sordid lifestyle her mother had chosen.

Content Warning: strong language, spanking, and graphic sex, including anal sex

“Babe, where do you think you’re going? I’m not finished with you yet.”
Perched on the edge of the bed, Sara Dalton slipped into her robe and tied the sash loosely around her waist. She peered over her shoulder and arched a brow in question. “I was planning on grabbing a quick shower before starting the coffee.” Her gaze traveled freely over her husband’s body. The satin bedsheets outlined every scrumptious bulge and bump. Arousal coiled deep in her belly and her mouth grew dry. “Why? Did you have something else in mind?”
Stupid question. As a teenager, Cade Dalton had girls hanging on his every word. At thirty-five, he was still a veritable fucking machine. Sex was never far from this man’s mind. She had been jealous of those girls so many years ago, but he’d made it clear on more than one occasion that he considered her more like a sister. Now she was his wife.
A jolt of awareness pinched her nipples. Her husband was clearly in the mood for another bout of morning sex. A severely sprained wrist wasn’t going to keep him from his favorite pastime. Naughty thoughts invaded her head. She’d tease him a teeny tiny bit and hopefully bring out that inner Dom she loved so much.
Sara slid from the warm cocoon of blankets and sashayed over to Cade’s side of the bed. Perfect. His chocolate brown eyes were focused solely on the area between her legs. Even though moisture oozed from her aching pussy and dribbled down her inner thighs she managed what she hoped was a serene, innocent smile.
“Baby, you need to take care of your hand.” She trailed her fingers lightly over the pulse bouncing up and down at his wrist. “The doctor told you just a few more days and you’ll be good as new.”
Out of the corner of her eye she saw the bedsheet tent near his groin. He was packing an erection. Her mouth watered. Sucking on that long, hard piece of flesh was her favorite pastime.

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      It was such a fun interview to do. I chuckled throughout!

  2. Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Tara! It was a lot of fun:)
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  3. Awesome interview! I think I need to go buy this book now :)

    1. I loved the book Casey... Totally recommend it