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Wednesday 13 August 2014

#Wipitup Wednesday - His Forever Summer - Getting to know him

Thanks to Melody Parks for the WIP It Up Bloghop. I missed last week - sorry about that - I was too busy out gallivanting with my sisters and staying up way too late to join in. One day I'll be old enough to get sense - I just hope it's not too soon. This is an excerpt from His Forever Summer which is a Corbin's Bend novella due to come out in series two. I hope you'll have had a chance to read all of series one by then!!

               Carla rushed through her chores so she could take a longer time off. Normally she exercised alone; the company would make a nice change. She was sorry he chose to swim though; you couldn’t exactly talk as you were cutting through the water. With a stabbing clarity, Carla became aware that she had shut herself off too much with the shame of her behaviour. She missed people.  She knew what she needed to do. She would make an appointment with a professional disciplinarian and deal with her guilt and try to move on.  Once the resolution struck her, she felt lighter. 
                “Come on, Lazybones. You’ve had two hours doing nothing and you’re not ready to leave yet,” Carla admonished as Kieran pottered about filling a water bottle with no sense of urgency. She was anxious to get to the pool as soon as possible as her valuable time was being eaten up. She still had the drive to Denver ahead of her. They walked the short distance to the pool, passing the impressive dome shaped community centre which completely captured Kieran’s attention. He was still marveling at it as they entered the pool area, which was busy enough with loungers rather than swimmers. A lot of the residents lunched there in summer. 
                “Race you,” she challenged as she hurriedly stripped down to her bathing costume.  She dove into the water, barely rippling the surface. The cold on her hot skin was delicious and she swam the first length under water, easily beating Kieran, who swam well enough, but with an unpolished stroke that had more splash than efficiency.
                “I was being polite, not showing you up,” he justified as she waited. Carla laughed and started swimming for real. Her power and style were yards ahead of his, so she slowed down a little not to seem a show off.  After fifty laps she stopped a while as Kieran was out of breath.

                “You’re not very fit, are you?” she blurted without thinking. 

Carla is not known for her tact or discretion, bless her. She seems to have a touch of the foot in mouth disease. It's definitely gonna get her in trouble at some point.

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