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Friday 30 August 2013

#Satspanks, 31 08 2013

Yippee-i-ay, that time of the week again folks. Hope you're enjoying the hop so far. And by the look of the list, it's going to be a deliciously long hot hop, so fill your mug, grab the popcorn and enjoy the show.

I'm going to continue on where I left off last week, Michael's in trouble, BIG trouble. And just for a change he's the one facing a spanking, I know you're all dying to know if Siobhan has the nerve to follow through...Will you find out? Read and see ;-)

I decided to start at his preferred level, twenty strokes. His face blanched still further when I passed sentence.
“You know the drill, you’ve made me do it often enough,” I added cruelly.
He didn’t dare refuse. He knew that if I was to take his atonement seriously, he was going to have to step up to the plate. I swiped the birch along my thigh a couple of times to get the feel of it. It was an impressive implement, all right; it didn’t need a lot of power to pack a punch. The numerous twigs meant that its might was in its range—each stroke covered a large area, both like switches and then the tips were like beestings. 

I know I know, sorry it's just another tease, it's just that it was a long scene. I'll go spank myself.

Blurb and Buy link

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Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for all the other #Satspankers. Enjoy.

Thursday 29 August 2013

Are you having a romance?

Here when we say someone is having a romance it usually means they are dating someone – we rarely associate the word with a married couple, which is a big pity. It's taken to be those early heady days where it's all airy fairy magic and fluffy clouds, not the tougher days when the true strength of your love is tested.

But what happens after the romance, the walking out or dating?
Marriage or partnership, in some cases -  When the financial worries, the division of household chores, the incoroporation of the two individuals and this new third entity “us”, countless other beings – them as in the in-laws, and then very often the arrival of new entities…kids, bring different dynamics and stresses into the relationship. It can seem like there is no time, or money, left for romantic love.
Not true! In fact that’s when you need it more than ever if the “us” entity is to flourish. As you get older you realise that romance doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, in fact it’s more often to be found in the little things. The occasional or unexpected bunch of flowers. A cup of coffee. Cosying up on the sofa and sharing a giggle either over some silly movie or even just a memory or a story one of you has heard. Or as we call it here, talking “shite” – meaningless jibberish that you’d cringe if anyone overheard. A walk in the park. Cooking something special. Saying “I love you,” and meaning it. Romance can be all around you if you choose to open the door to it and recognise it for what it is.

If you’re in a relationship, think about the nice things your partner did for you lately. Maybe they handed you a bit of cash because you were low in funds. Maybe they ordered in a takeaway or brought a bottle of wine home to share. Did you remember to show appreciation. Maybe a kiss, or a squeeze of the hand, or indeed a romp in the hay, whatever or however! If you want to keep the magic alive remember to appreciate the little things. They all add up. And don't forget to reciprocate, surprise them with the odd little thing too.

Attraction is born from love respect and friendship, cultivate those and you can help keep your romance alive.

Thanks to Sun Gazing on Facebook for the picture,

Monday 26 August 2013

Book review: As Natural as Breathing by Thianna D

5.0 out of 5 stars Compassionate empathetic coming out romance August 13, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
I have to be totally honest and say that previously if I saw a book classified under gay
romance, I probably wouldn't even give it a second glance, but this one caught my eye on
the Saturday Spankings blog hop, and even from a few sentences, the characters really
sucked me in. And I'm so glad they did as it was such an incredible read.

It's a story of two wonderful men.
Christian is coming to terms with his disablement, a result of an injury while in military
service for his country, injured for standing up for a gay man. He comes home from the war
broken, physically and emotionally and questioning his own sexuality. His experiences of the
bigotry he's encountered for coming to the assistance of a gay man make it difficult for him to
accept his feelings towards men, and to complicate things further, he does find women
attractive also.
Logan is a funny, compassionate man at ease with his homosexuality. His family and
friends love him and support him all the way. He's looking for a committed relationship
incorporating domestic discipline. The two meet and a friendship ensues. Christian
struggles to come to terms with his feelings for Logan, who is patient and understanding.
I watched and waited, begging Christian to just get on with it, Logan was too good to pass
up! Happily Christian does see Logan's finer points and the relationship blossoms.
I was totally hooked as Christian comes to terms with his sexuality, his initial fear of
coming out, the bigotry he meets from his brother, the love and compassion he receives
from Logan's family, his ex-girlfriend and his parents. The emotions run high in this
beautifully written book, and along with romance and doubts there is humour and a
constant sense of reality, both good and bad . I can't wait for the sequel because I now
 feel these men are my friends and I really want to see how they develop in their new-found

Publishers Blurb
For Christian Darringer, life isn’t worth living. Just back from the Middle East – 
scarred and with permanent damage to one leg – he does not think anyone 
will want him for anything. He hadn’t planned on meeting a gorgeous man he 
finds himself thinking about constantly. Pulled toward the startling younger 
man with striking blue eyes, he begins to question a lot of things – especially
his sexuality. Not one to hide from a challenge, he plunges ahead only to find 
himself more than just attracted to Logan who is full of life and joy, he finds 
himself head over heels in love.

Logan Mannette has almost everything he ever wanted: loving parents, 
happiness, friends and security. The only thing missing is the love of his life, 
a love just like his parents’. When he meets Christian at a party, everything 
changes. Instantly attracted, he does his best to help this sad man and 
quickly finds himself feeling more than he has ever felt before. Raised in a 
domestic discipline household, he holds that ideal as what he wants but his 
interest in spanking has become a fetish and when Christian admits he 
wants to be spanked, Logan believes he might have found the perfect man.

Just as everything begins for them, Christian’s past intercedes and one of his
brothers makes waves about him dating a man. If not for Logan’s support, 
he might have folded. But with the love of one amazing man, Christian finds 
that living his life rather than just existing is as natural as breathing.

Buy link 

As Natural as Breathing on Amazon

Saturday 24 August 2013

Modern Ireland at it's most shocking

I realise that I may well be shooting myself in the foot here, and I should probably shut the hell up. but the big news story of the week here in Ireland has disgusted me. Yes I write erotica, and BDSM and kinly stuff, but it's fantasy and not destroying anyone's life.

A 17 year old girl / young woman was  videoed, allegedly performing sexual acts on a man by camera phones and uploaded to "social networking" sites such as you tube, facebook etc. and is distraught about the consequences.

Where the hell are our manners gone? Yeah, maybe she should have had more sense but it seems the drink was in and the sense was out and for people to "share" these images that weren't theirs to share in the first place shocks me to the core.

How many of us are so perfect that we don't have our cringe moments? OK for most of us, those cringe moments might be less momentous but this young girls life is ruined by people posting intimate stuff that was none of their business all across the world wide web. Shame on you. Do what you like with yourselves and your own videos but to take footage that was non-consensual and send it viral is a shame upon our nation.

To all those who videoed I want to say: While you were photographing did any one of you look at that girl and think, "crap, she has no idea she's on camera, maybe I should tell her?"   It could have been your daughter, sister, niece or best friend. But you did nothing to help her. For shame.

Friday 23 August 2013


Woohoo, it's that naughty time of the week again where my morning coffee goes cold because I'm too hot to drink it and I blame all my fellow writers. Hope you've checked them all out already but if not, please do as we're heading into the last quarter and already Santa's robins are out making the naughty or nice list.
I want to try and tempt you all with a few more from My Naughty Little Secret as I know only too soon it will be replaced with my next. For all those who wondered last week, Did Siobhan follow through or not, I thought about leaving you to either stew or buy but I'm just not that cruel; here's what happened:

“So what’s a birch?” I asked when we got through the door.
“What?” then his face registered the question, “Oh, yeah, I said I wanted to birch you; it’s just a bunch of twigs tied together, like an old-fashioned flogger.”
“Show me how to make it,” I demanded so he got some electrical tape from the drawer, cut the saplings to the same size, pared the twigs and leaves from them, and bound them together at one end with the tape.
“Bend over, see what it feels like,” he said seductively. I could feel my body shiver in anticipation.
“Nope, you first, I am going to teach you a lesson in honesty and trust,” I said firmly.
His face was a picture; I wished that I could have captured it on camera: the blood drained from it and he was ashen under his tan. He was bricking it. Well, hell, rub it into him, how many times did he have me in that position? And he never showed me any mercy.

Oops, I forgot the eight sentence rule, sorry I can't tell you any more this week. ;-)
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the bloghop.

Blurb and buy links: http://tarafinneganromance.blogspot.ie/p/httpwww.html#

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Thursday 22 August 2013

The Humble Spud...


I make no apologies for this...I'm Irish and I love spuds. But my very favourite potato recipe has to be a baked boxty loaf, sliced, fried in butter and served with crispy rashers (bacon).

What's this got to do with erotica, spanking or romance?
Absolutely nothing...its just something delicious and uniquely Irish.

Boxty is a traditional recipe, supposedly developed in the days of the famine to make use of any blighted potatoes that were salvagable. depending on what part of the country you hail from, you may know boxty as a pancake, loaf or dumpling and to me, it should be a loaf, but over here in the west, its usually a pancake.

When I was a child, we traditionally ate it at hallowe'en, probably because the new potatoes were going out of season and the bigger, fluffier potatoes were coming on stream. It's easier to work with big spuds because it cuts down on the peeling, and the fluffier they are, the better the boxty. I got this recipe on the internet...It's totally yummy...but I double up the ingredients because it's a pain in the ass to make and yet gets gobbled down all too quickly.
The recipe is shared by Potato.ie and is from Gallagher's Boxty House...Follow the link here

It's so good it's sinful.
Eat and enjoy.


Home » Recipes » Gallagher’s Boxty Loaf


Preparation time: 40 minsCooking Time: 60 minsServes: 4
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
(1 votes,
500g Raw Potatoes Peeled
500g Cooked Potatoes Mashed
320g Flour
50g   Butter
10g   Salt
Grate the raw potatoes into a muslin cloth and squeeze as much liquid as possible into a bowl.
Let liquid stand for 20 minutes.
Gently pour off liquid and keep the starch that settled in the bottom of the bowl.
Add grated potatoes and mashed potatoes.
Add Starch and salt to mix.
Add melted butter
Knead on a floured surface.  You can use a mixer with the dough hook attachment for this and it is much quicker. Be careful not to over knead as this will produce a heavy dense product.
Grease three 450g baking tins and bake at 160°C for 60 minutes.
Check by piercing the centre with a knife. The blade should be clean when removed.
Remove from oven and let cool on a wire rack.
Cling wrap and store in fridge over night.
Slice and cook on a griddle top until golden brown.
Boxty Loaf is nicest warm and may be toasted and served with tomato and a black olive tapanede as pictured or with any topping of your choice.
Recipe as demonstrated at Bloom for potato.ie by Padraic Og Gallagher of The Boxty House.(www.boxtyhouse.ie)

Friday 16 August 2013

#Saturday Spankings

I'm going back to my Naughty Little Secret after a long absence telling you about my new WIP.

“Maybe I should spank you for your lies and bullshit,” I countered crossly. The look on his face told it all. It had obviously never occurred to him that maybe he could be on the receiving end for a change.
“I’d prefer to keep the spanking the other way round, Shiv, but if I thought it would help fix this, I’d try it. The last three days have been hell. I know it’s my own fault, but I miss you so much. Nothing’s the same. I’d give anything to start over, with a clean slate.”
He had set me thinking. Maybe it would help if I got to take it out on his backside.

Would it help?
I'd really like an opinion on this.
When you're done be sure to visit the others on this blog hop. Thanks for dropping by

Tuesday 13 August 2013

As Natural As Breathing book blog tour

Tara:  Today I’m so excited to have Thianna D visiting to talk about her latest release As Natural as Breathing.

Thianna: Thanks, Tara, for hosting me and my wonderful novel today!

This is day 4 of the As Natural As Breathing Book Blog Tour. Are you excited for it yet? Well today, Tara, who has read it had some questions for me. Alright, Tara. I’m ready. Shoot.

Tara: Hi Thianna, great to have you here. First of all congratulations on your astounding success with as Natural as Breathing, you into the top twenty in the Gay and Lesbian Literature and Fiction and Erotica classification, that’s just so cool, you must have been jumping around with excitement. Did you expect it to do so well so soon?

Thianna: Tara, thanks so much for having me on your blog today. No, I had no idea it would do so well (though an author always hopes and dreams). And jumping up and down would be putting it mildly. I was too excited to sit and yet when I was standing I did not know what to do. Lol When it hit #9 I think I actually screamed.

Tara: One of the things that amazed me about the book was the empathy you invoke in the reader for the characters and their emotions. I’m really curious, is it difficult for a woman to write the characters of two gay men? How did you find getting inside their heads?

Thianna: Thanks! I am so glad all of that came through. To be honest, I find it easier at times to write men than women. Their strength, both physically and emotionally, continually pulls at me. Logan and Christian were such strong characters to begin with and they truly led the story.

Tara: Logan is a great character; funny, compassionate and really comfortable in his own skin. But Christian has issues; physically he’s broken from the war, and he’s unsure of his sexuality at the start, either unsure or in denial and has to go through the whole process of coming out, both as being gay and desiring discipline. He’s also from a more conventional family, with a brother hell bent on making it difficult. You wrote that so well I couldn’t help but wonder if you’ve watched the process of coming out?

Thianna: Aren’t they amazing? I have read many coming out stories, but mostly this was just from how I would feel if in his place. Plus, when I write…well, I like to think of it as letting the characters lead. I’m a pretty empathic person, anyway, but the characters basically tell their story through me. I feel like a conduit sometimes because as my fingers set to typing or my hand picks up a pen and puts it to paper, the words begin to flow. That is one of the reasons I loved the dual POVs. In Christian’s chapters, I could feel his emotions, worries and troubles and in Logan’s, his joy, sense of fun and his complete attention on Christian.

And, as for Christian’s brother. Well…I’ve met people like him before. It is rather fun to write a character your readers are sure to hate. :)

Tara: Another thing that surprised me, Logan is much younger than Christian, but he becomes the dominant partner, or the Head of Household. Why did you choose to do it that way?

Thianna: Ah! *grins* And there is the juxtaposition. In As Natural As Breathing, like you mentioned, Christian is torn from the war, beaten down, plus he is dealing with entering a relationship with a man, all very intense emotional experiences. So, in this instance, it is rather natural for him to take Logan’s lead. Logan is a Top and used to leading; in a sexual manner anyway. But remember…Christian is still getting over a horrible past. When he comes into his own after he goes through therapy, who will actually be the dominant partner? You’ll have to wait and see. *wink*

Tara: Finally, word on the street has it that there’s going to be a sequel to As Natural As Breathing.  I’m so pleased because I really wanted to see how the future panned out for Logan and Christian! Have you any rough idea when we can look forward to it?

Thianna: I am very excited to say the as yet unnamed sequel has been accepted for publication and is set to be released January 2014. The sequel takes place the summer after As Natural As Breathing ends. Let me just say, it is a very enlightening summer for the two of them.

Tara: Thianna thank you so much for visiting my blog, I wish you continued success with As Natural as Breathing, and look forward to reading the next installment.

Thianna: Thanks Tara! It’s been fun. I thought I would give your readers a little excerpt.

In this snippet, Christian and Logan meet at a holiday party where Logan is playing Santa. This is their first meeting.

“Ho ho ho,” chuckled a voice, and he turned to see a man seated on one of the chairs lining the walls. He wore a pair of jeans, a green button-down shirt, and cowboy boots. Logan tried not to focus on the cowboy boots. Cowboys were one of his fetishes. He could get a hard-on just by thinking of one.

“Ho ho ho,” he returned, smiling at the very good-looking man with extremely short, dark blonde hair. For once since he came out, he wasn’t sure what to say to another guy, so he went with this Santa persona. “Have you been good this year?”


Biting the inside of his lip, Logan tried to ignore his now hard cock that was just barely covered by the Santa coat. Just the thought of a naughty cowboy was almost too much for him to handle. “Well, now, we can’t have that,” he answered, his voice not as sure of itself as it had been. It sounded too breathy to him. “Naughty boys get coal in their stocking.”

Shrugging, the man looked around. “That would top off my year,” he said sullenly, all pretense of a good mood disappearing. 

“What’s your name, young man?” he asked, trying to get his Santa voice back. Looking back at him, the man shook his head.

“Doesn’t matter. Now, go help the people who need you.” Without another word, he stood up and limped away without looking back.

Frowning, Logan considered going upstairs and changing, but something about the gorgeous cowboy who looked like he was in pain was too much to ignore. Turning, he ran back into the library and dug through the bag. There were five items left: a G.I Joe, a king-sized peppermint stick, a Barbie doll, a dinosaur figure, and a set of walkie-talkies. Closing his eyes, he dumped everything but the Barbie back in, shook the bag and stuck his hand in. As soon as his hand landed on a toy, he opened his eyes and pulled it out. Grinning at the result, he turned and went in search of the cowboy who needed a pick-me-up.

Book Description:

As Natural As Breathing

Length: Novel
Genre: Gay Spanking Romance

For Christian Darringer, life isn’t worth living. Just back from the Middle East; scarred and with permanent damage to one leg, he does not think anyone will want him for anything. Meeting a gorgeous man he finds himself thinking about constantly is not in his plans. Pulled toward the startling younger man with striking blue eyes, he begins to question a lot of things – especially his sexuality. Not one to hide from a challenge, he plunges ahead only to find himself more than just attracted to Logan who is full of life and joy, he finds himself head over heels in love.

Logan Mannette has almost everything he ever wanted: loving parents, happiness, friends and security. The only thing missing is finding the love of his life, a love that is just like his parents’. When he meets Christian at a party, everything changes. Instantly attracted, he does his best to help this sad man and quickly finds himself feeling more than he has ever felt before. Raised in a domestic discipline household, he holds that ideal as what he wants but his interest in spanking became a fetish and when Christian admits that he wants to be spanked, Logan believes he might have found the perfect man.

Just as everything begins for them, Christian’s past intercedes and one of his brothers makes waves about him dating a man. If it weren’t for Logan’s support, he might fold; but with the love of one amazing man, Christian finds that living his life rather than just existing is as natural as breathing.

You can find As Natural As Breathing at:

Thianna D
For Thianna D, reading and writing are as important as breathing and far more important than math or science. A storyteller from the time she could speak, she was always making up characters as a kid. As a teenager that turned to sci-fi and fantasy, as an adult to romance. It wasn’t until her fourth decade that she began writing erotic scenes within her stories.
Writing M/M came naturally to her; she wrote her first tale before ever having read one. “There is something about the amazing dynamic between two strong men falling in love and defeating anything thrown at them.” While she had written several BDSM stories involving men, As Natural As Breathing was the first full-length novel involving domestic discipline.
You can find out more of what is going on with her at:

Tune in tomorrow to get the URL for the next stop on the As Natural As Breathing Book Blog Tour. Now, get your entry for my giveaway:

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Friday 9 August 2013

Saturday Spankings Blog Hop

I'm really looking forward to this weeks blog hop having missed out last week due to my holidays (oh, all right vacation, if you insist!) I'm back, relaxed and tanned (of course I meant sun-tanned.) I had a great week catching up on some leisure reading and next week I'll be posting my reviews on what I read.

I'm giving you another little piece of Maeve's story for this week. Maeve is caught between submitting to a spanking, or refusing. Here's how Larry handles it.

“Get em off,” he growled pointing at her pants.
“No!” she replied firmly, “You have no right.”
“No, maybe I don’t but you’re gonna get it anyway, either now, or later, when you ask for it. I’ll be pissed at you and you’ll be sulking with me until you do ask; maybe in a few hours or maybe even days.  If you leave it until that, it’s an extra ten strokes with the belt on top the rest of the spanking.”
Maeve realised he was right, the silent fighting would be torture and she would come back for it later as she had before, and she started fumbling with the button on her trousers, muttering “Ok.”
Before Maeve even realised what was happening Larry had grabbed her and upended her over his knee, roughly pulling her trousers down without even opening the button, which popped off, rolling onto the floor. He started spanking, hard and fast, over and over. 

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet. I'm probably last on the list as I'm only back, but if you haven't already done so, be sure to visit all the others on the list.

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Eviva Espana

This post is coming all the way from sunny Spain. 
I'm sitting out in the sunshine and the rest of the family are still sleeping.  There is something delightfully luxurious about morning coffee knowing that the silence won't last.

It's always interesting to travel, both to see the customs of other people and also to watch your fellow countryman abroad to see how they blend in.

The answer is we don't...

The resort I'm in is chockablock with Irish and British. You can spot them a mile off. First of all it's the skin colour although occasionally you might get fooled by that it they've been here a while or even if they happen to be a bit darker skinned and have been soaking up the rays that graced us at home in the last month.

Next is the clothes... Too short skirts and too tight tops are the women's trademarks and the men seem determined to embrace the bright colours the continental men favour but somehow can't do it with the same aplomb... Mixing clashing colours with a pride that's almost scary!

Food is touch and go, the Irish and the British like their own food so restaurants catering to these tastes are plentiful but try to find a good authentic Spanish restaurant and you'll be disappointed.
But fresh fish is sold for a song in the local supermarkets and there is always the barbecue which of course has to be a man's job while the woman quickly throws together a salad and then samples the local vino... There is a lot to be said for traditional roles at times... You just gotta pick and choose the ones you like😉

Eviva Espana 

Thursday 1 August 2013

Sex and Sexuality, the changing face of Ireland

The changing face of Ireland

I got the opportunity to hook up with an old friend and spend the weekend in Dublin. It goes without saying that one of our planned stops had to be The Ann Summers shop on O’Connell Street.
I remember the controversy when it opened. “Oh my, how dare a foreign retailer come in and impose their low moral standards on the Irish,” was the cry. And on O’Connell Street above all places, near the G.P.O. (The general post office, which was the site where the proclamation of independence was read in 1916) “Keep your filth out,” they cried. And what year did this outrage come about, the shaming of the nation? It may surprise you to hear it was only in 1999!
Well, it has to be said that the nation seems to have gotten over itself. There was no sign of the recession as we went through its doors; the place was thronged with people; male and female, young(although adult!) and old. There’s this little hut in the centre, like a pleasure dome, which houses all the vibrators, jiggle balls etc. This pleasure dome has an attendant there, a lively young lass who comes over to offer “advice” as soon as she sees you looking at something. I have to admit, I’d have had to be pretty desperate for a job to work there, as I wouldn’t have the nerve. It’s one thing writing about sex in the comfort of your own home but it would take a brave lass to stand there, pushing buttons and explaining exactly what each function does, meanwhile asking the customer what exactly they are looking for in a product. I was standing in one section, examining some anal toys when she landed over. I had an idea what I was after, but still got a hop when she came over offering help. Jaysus, I was twice her age and I could feel myself coming over all flustered. I just wanted to see the size of the object and strength of the vibrations, I didn’t need the birds and the bees talk! I convinced her I knew what I was after and that I was grand, but thanks all the same.
My friend was a little less fortunate, she switched on a vibrator and the damn thing wouldn’t go off so she had to get the young lassie to turn it off for her…oh the shame. The assistant reassured us it was just a question of holding the on off button for a few seconds, and bingo, it worked. I tried the same theory on the little one I bought when I got home; doesn’t bleeding work, you have to unscrew the battery compartment; try that with hands smathered in lube and the sound of footsteps in the landing. L

A few interesting facts…
In 1935, contraceptive devices could no longer be imported or offered for sale in Ireland. (But you could make an unsolicited “invitation to treat” or offer to buy if you knew where to go.)
In 1971, Irish feminists took part in the so called “Condom Train,” bringing contraceptive devices from Belfast to Dublin, showing the law to be an ass.
In 1973, the Supreme Court affirmed the right to “Marital Privacy” so great, marvellous; married couples could use contraception if they so desired…the problem was where to source them.
In 1978,  A bill  came into being to enable the limited provision of contraceptives for bona fide "family planning or for adequate medical reasons" in chemists, although this didn’t specify married couples, it was largely taken to mean that. In time skin conditions such as acne, or menstrual complaints were used to over-ride the “married” issue.
In 1985 Condoms and spermicides could be sold in chemist shops without a prescription to those over 18. Slight problem here: the age of consent was 17 and you could get married with parental consent at 16, though presumably, the law being an ass again, your marriage could not be consummated until a year later!
In the early 1990's intentions to open a "sex shop" i.e. an adult shop brought outrage and resulted in "pray in" protests.
In 1992, a change in the law allowed over 17’s to buy contraceptives although the pill was still requiring a prescription.
In 2003 the morning after pill became available, by prescription in Ireland. But still many doctors refused to prescribe it, considering it abortive and unethical.
In 2011 the morning after pill became available without prescription.
Abortion is a whole other issue, and the rights and wrongs could be argued until the cows come home, but for those who are interested in questioning the law, you need look no further than the tragic case of Savita Halappanavar, in 2012.