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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Eviva Espana

This post is coming all the way from sunny Spain. 
I'm sitting out in the sunshine and the rest of the family are still sleeping.  There is something delightfully luxurious about morning coffee knowing that the silence won't last.

It's always interesting to travel, both to see the customs of other people and also to watch your fellow countryman abroad to see how they blend in.

The answer is we don't...

The resort I'm in is chockablock with Irish and British. You can spot them a mile off. First of all it's the skin colour although occasionally you might get fooled by that it they've been here a while or even if they happen to be a bit darker skinned and have been soaking up the rays that graced us at home in the last month.

Next is the clothes... Too short skirts and too tight tops are the women's trademarks and the men seem determined to embrace the bright colours the continental men favour but somehow can't do it with the same aplomb... Mixing clashing colours with a pride that's almost scary!

Food is touch and go, the Irish and the British like their own food so restaurants catering to these tastes are plentiful but try to find a good authentic Spanish restaurant and you'll be disappointed.
But fresh fish is sold for a song in the local supermarkets and there is always the barbecue which of course has to be a man's job while the woman quickly throws together a salad and then samples the local vino... There is a lot to be said for traditional roles at times... You just gotta pick and choose the ones you like😉

Eviva Espana 


  1. Hope you have a nice, relaxing vacation, Tara! :)

  2. People on vacation make ridiculous fashion choices! Hope you're having a great time :)

  3. Spain sounds beautiful - hope you enjoy every moment!

    :) Cali

  4. I hope you're having fun and I agree on the morning coffee. My husband always tells me to come back to bed but I just love those moments of alone time - knowing they won't last…

    Have a lovely lovely rest of your trip. We miss you!