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Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

Generally I am a huge fan of New Year's eve. It's a time to reflect on the year past and look forward to a new beginning. It's a time filled with hope for a better tomorrow, and embracing the opportunities you haven't yet encountered.

Not this year. It's not that I don't look forward to the opportunities yet to come, it's simply that  2013 has been the most amazingly wonderful year and I don't want it to end.

What was so great?
I suppose it has to be said it started with My Naughty Little Secret being published. But it wasn't just being published that made 2013 special. In fact that was only the catalyst.

What really made this an amazing year was the number of new friends I made, mainly in the writing community and also more recently, the wonderful people I encountered in Blogland through Ana's Advent Calendar. I can't believe that only six months ago, I had known nothing of this wonderful, warm, caring community. I have been truly blessed in 2013. You all made my year incredible. No wonder I'm reluctant to leave it behind. Hopefully though, as I plunge into 2014 it will be hand in hand with those who made 2013 magic.

I love you lot. Thank you for being there. May next year bring you all you need and wish for and keep your loved ones safe and near to you.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Spanking Romance Reviews wants your views.

Spanking Romance Reviews have put together a readers poll for readers to vote for their favourite books of the year. There are so many books I loved listed, which makes me even more chuffed to be able to say My Naughty Little Secret is among them.

Pop over, have a look at the lists and vote for your favourite book in each catagory. It'll only take a matter of moments, I promise.

Vote for your favourite spanking romance of 2013 here.

Spanking Romance Reviews

Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas of yesteryear and Ana's Advent Calendar

When  I heard about Ana's Advent Calendar 2013, I was so excited at the prospect of doing a guest post. To me Christmas is a really magic time. Its a hangover from my childhood days when I'd get all excited about the entire holiday season.
Then reality set in - I thought "Crap. What in the hell am I going to write about?" The answer became clear, I had to write about the magic I remember. It will probably sound simple and silly nowadays in this modern era but back then in the innocent eyes of a seventies child it really was something special, something even Harry Potter himself couldn't hold a candle to.
That said, it was based on my real life experiences, and although I write under a pen name, it seemed totally inappropriate to go ahead and do a post about my childhood without contacting my family so I would like to thank my family for agreeing to let me post about our family Christmases. 

Please click Ana's Advent Calendar day 12 to join in.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

#CorbinsBend Tease

Another little Corbin's Bend tease.

Do you desire to be disciplined?
Do you dare to be different?
Dream the dream in Corbin's Bend

Coming in Spring/Summer 2014.
Corbin's Bend
Safe, Secure and Spanked in Colorado

Now... decisions... decisions. It's very close to Christmas and I think to keep the man in red happy I should post only nice. But then again I wouldn't mind a swift trip over his generous, ample lap. Hmm tough one.

Dammit. Naughty it is.
Meet Ange and Jim O'Brien, who are new residents in Corbin's Bend. Ange is pretty late on in her pregnancy when scene occurs. Not long at experimenting with spanking and BDSM, they're messing about without having done their homework, as so often is the case in real life. They go with what feels good.

Ange couldn’t get over the fact that her roundness and her fertility was a major turn on for Jim, but while not understanding it, she was quite happy to reap the rewards.
Next thing she knew,  her legs were in the air and he was paddling her backside. Feminine juices were trickling down the crack in her behind. While Ange had some vague recollection of a warning about being careful of spanking in pregnancy, Jim wasn’t hurting her as such, and the position she was in there was no danger of him hitting her too high up. Her lower ass and thighs were getting the brunt of it and her bump was protected by her legs, so she hadn’t been unduly concerned. She quashed the nagging doubt because it was just too fucking hot to call a halt. 

(A few words are changed to add context as it's a short excerpt)

Corbin's Bend will be published by Lazy Day Publishing who are celebrating their third year of publishing on December 10th. Congratulations and wishing them many more successful years. 

Sunday 1 December 2013

Ana's Advent Calendar

YAY HURRAY Is here. Ana's Advent Calendar has started. Go lift the little flap every day and see what delights she has in store for you.

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