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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas of yesteryear and Ana's Advent Calendar

When  I heard about Ana's Advent Calendar 2013, I was so excited at the prospect of doing a guest post. To me Christmas is a really magic time. Its a hangover from my childhood days when I'd get all excited about the entire holiday season.
Then reality set in - I thought "Crap. What in the hell am I going to write about?" The answer became clear, I had to write about the magic I remember. It will probably sound simple and silly nowadays in this modern era but back then in the innocent eyes of a seventies child it really was something special, something even Harry Potter himself couldn't hold a candle to.
That said, it was based on my real life experiences, and although I write under a pen name, it seemed totally inappropriate to go ahead and do a post about my childhood without contacting my family so I would like to thank my family for agreeing to let me post about our family Christmases. 

Please click Ana's Advent Calendar day 12 to join in.

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