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Friday 31 May 2013

A short excerpt, Siobhan's first spanking.

Saturday Spankings 

A little excerpt...

The story so far..
Siobhan (pronounced shove-on) has started a new job, where she met Michael.Although her initial reaction to him is total dislike, out of the blue, she starts having these images of him as a headmaster, spanking her. He somehow seems to disapprove of her. He catches her on the hop and asks her for a date and her acceptance is out of her mouth before she even thinks about the implications. This scene comes the morning after that first date, Michael berates her use of foul language, saying she could do with a spanking. Not even considering how bad it could be, the feisty redhead challenges him to go ahead and do it, wanting the opportunity to test the fantasies that had been sneaking unbidden into her head.

Bloody hell, that was some choice, I quickly undid my jeans and rolled them down.
“And your panties,” he warned, raising his hand and I quickly obliged.” Now back across my lap.”
I felt each one of those stingers on alternating cheeks, a firm hard slap followed by a soothing rub, followed by another slap. I was squealing—I really didn’t expect it to be so sore. He counted them out, lecturing me between spanks about how I was to show more respect. It was humiliating and painful. But it was turning me on in spite of that, or indeed maybe because of that.


Monday 27 May 2013

Reviews revisited

A big thank you to the wonderful reader Jill M. who made the effort to go back to My Naughty Little Secret and give it such a detailed considered review. I really appreciate the time and effort it took.

And in a way you're right about the Mum, she's very much an Irish Mammy and difficult to please, at least that was how she was in my imagination. Many Irish Mammies like to keep control! Why? Who knows but it's a very common trait.

Friday 24 May 2013

What's different about My Naughty Little Secret other Spanking Romances?

According to one reader what's different is that both characters are novices, neither one forces it on the other and nor is one "Training" the other, Siobhan wants Michael to discipline her by spanking her, but its a new concept to both of them. The reader gets to see how both grow into their respective roles.

When I was a child at school, I remember the refrain, any boy that hits a girl is a coward (God I seriously hope my old teacher doesn't read this blog!!) And he was correct, any man who hits a woman in violence or aggression or in a bullying fashion is a coward.

BUT and it's a big BUT, what if the woman wants her man to spank her. Then he has to rid himself of the guilt that society and upbringing enforces on him in order to satisfy his woman. In that case it's certainly not abuse. Or indeed, it might be his idea but yet it appeals to his woman. Then you have to rethink all the lessons in gentlemanly behaviour you've ever learned.

My Naughty Little Secret is based on years of research into Domestic Discipline relationships, through reading forums and blogs. Many of the cases I read about the submissive partner, usually the woman, chose the lifestyle and suggested it to the dominant, usually the man. In a lot of cases the partner had some difficulty coming to terms with his partner's new expectations. In most cases the dominant partner was able to grow into the role. In some cases, they aren't. But where the new expectations were achieved, there seemed to be increased contentment in the relationship and  a hugely improved sex life. (And this was the women's points of view) so this was what I tried to capture in the book. Another common feature was that the dominant partners were very protective and caring towards their submissive.

Submission is a gift to be offered, not a right to be taken, and when offered and treasured, can lead to a very deep relationship

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Comments and reviews

Yesterday the sky was so low that the green of the grass and trees seemed to take on the same dull monotonous hue so it was a really pleasant surprise to wake up to blue skies this morning. Honest to God, after the driest, brightest autumn and winter these wet days are hard to take. Only for my photos I would think those bright mornings were a figment of my imagination.

I'm doing what I swore I wouldn't do again, I'm rereading "My Naughty Little Secret" but this time it's with a fresh pair of eyes. Instead of being a writer I'm being a translator. It's funny, we all speak English yet we use it so differently and the Irish tend to throw in Gaelic words that have become part of our every day life and we forget others don't use them.

So today I'll explain the word craic... pronounced crack. Craic means fun; simple as that. If I met a friend I might say "Hiya Mary, any craic," meaning have you any news or fun to share.

Or if I was out I might say, "Jeez Mary you should have been in  the pub last night, it was great craic,"  meaning that it was a very entertaining night.

If anyone comes across a turn of phrase they don't get or need an explanation of in the book, they can post a comment here and I'll try to respond A.S.A.P.
It's hard to know what's normal or not when you hear it or use it every day, so feel free to tell me. And if you think it enhances or harms the enjoyment of the book for you let me know so I can bear that in mind for the next, which yes, is a work in progress.

Any comments or reviews at all, good, bad or indifferent on My Naughty Little Secret will help ensure that the next book is as reader oriented as it can be.

Goodnight all

Friday 17 May 2013

A rare day...

I woke up early to a bright sunny morning. I had to check I wasn't dreaming...sunshine is such a rarity these last couple of weeks.

I'm having computer problems and I am just about ready to feck the damn thing out the window. But I don't think my insurance will cover it. But one way or another most of the morning has been wasted. Gah...God be with the days of the pen and paper!

My second word of Irish-English - I'm not sure if I used it in My Naughty Little Secret, but you can be sure I'll use it plenty on this blog so I had better explain it.

eejit. - often but not always used affectionately, eejit is a derivitive of idiot, it generally means a fool or  nitwit often used with another word which affects the meaning.

eg: silly eejit...something you might say to someone affectionately if they do something daft, like trip over something because of their own negligence, or fall for a prank or something like that.

ya dirty / fecking eejit ya, slightly more offensive but again mild enough, you might have caught someone trying to pull a trick on you. Or someone allowed themselves be taken for a total fool.

He's a f*cking eejit - offensive, usually said about someone you don't like or are pretty angry at.

Thursday 16 May 2013

A slice of Irish life and vocabulary

Thursday 15 May 2013

I'm not starting a blog, I'm not starting a blog, I'm not starting a blog.
Dammit, I've just started one haven't I?

About me...

I'm a wife and mother and writer of "My Naughty Little Secret," a new spanking erotic romance.
I don't even know what to say or do on one of these things. My life is just an ordinary life here in Ireland. I live in the middle of nowhere, I can just see my nearest neighbour's house through a clearing in the trees. If their children are outside playing then I might hear shrieks of joy from them but generally it's so quiet you wouldn't even know I had neighbours unless I pass them on the road or they call up for some reason, or I call down.

And yet, in spite of this solitude I'm only two miles from the nearest town and all the conveniences that a town brings. So now as I sit at my desk working, I hear the sound of birds singing, cattle lowing and roosters crowing. I guess you could call it a little slice of heaven on earth. The children are at school, hubby is at work, and the house is blissfully silent. Of course that silence will only last until 3.00p.m. but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

I have no intention of doing a daily blog of I got up, ate porridge blah blah blah, but I figure as most of my readers are the far side of the Atlantic, it might be helpful to give a slice of Irish life and also have a forum in which I can explain the weird and wonderful way the Irish express themselves and our very odd turn of phrase.

So the plan over the next few weeks is that I will go through the odd expressions I've used and explain them. If I do a good enough job, who knows, maybe lots of other nationalities may end up using them and they might eventually make it into the dictionary!

The first thing you should realise is that Irish people in general swear a lot and people don't get as offended by swearing here as they would in say the States or even the UK. It's normal everyday conversation here a lot of the time.

If you drop something on the floor you might say "F*ck it," very casually or if the kids are around you'll change it to "feck it"

That said I'm gonna start with an explanation for FECK.

Although very obviously a derivative of the much more offensive and obscene F*CK, feck is a very, very mild expletive. Even if my children use it I might not pull them up on it as it's considered that inoffensive.
Feck can be used in the following way

Feck off - go away!
Feck off - I don't believe you!
He really fecked me off - he annoyed me
He's a fecking eejit - he's a bit silly or maybe even if in anger it could be he's an assh*le
Feck it - a mild expletive
for feck's sake - for goodness sake.

So a general overview is that feck is a very useful little word and although an expletive, a mild inoffensive one.