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Friday, 24 May 2013

What's different about My Naughty Little Secret other Spanking Romances?

According to one reader what's different is that both characters are novices, neither one forces it on the other and nor is one "Training" the other, Siobhan wants Michael to discipline her by spanking her, but its a new concept to both of them. The reader gets to see how both grow into their respective roles.

When I was a child at school, I remember the refrain, any boy that hits a girl is a coward (God I seriously hope my old teacher doesn't read this blog!!) And he was correct, any man who hits a woman in violence or aggression or in a bullying fashion is a coward.

BUT and it's a big BUT, what if the woman wants her man to spank her. Then he has to rid himself of the guilt that society and upbringing enforces on him in order to satisfy his woman. In that case it's certainly not abuse. Or indeed, it might be his idea but yet it appeals to his woman. Then you have to rethink all the lessons in gentlemanly behaviour you've ever learned.

My Naughty Little Secret is based on years of research into Domestic Discipline relationships, through reading forums and blogs. Many of the cases I read about the submissive partner, usually the woman, chose the lifestyle and suggested it to the dominant, usually the man. In a lot of cases the partner had some difficulty coming to terms with his partner's new expectations. In most cases the dominant partner was able to grow into the role. In some cases, they aren't. But where the new expectations were achieved, there seemed to be increased contentment in the relationship and  a hugely improved sex life. (And this was the women's points of view) so this was what I tried to capture in the book. Another common feature was that the dominant partners were very protective and caring towards their submissive.

Submission is a gift to be offered, not a right to be taken, and when offered and treasured, can lead to a very deep relationship

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  1. Nice post Tara. Submission is a gift and can't be taken. I just came out to my husband earlier this year and it is interesting how he grows into his role and how I learn what it is truly that I want. I remember when I thought the coming out would be the end of it and we would all 'live happily ever after'...hahahaha :) I must say the intimacy grows by leaps and bounds and I wonder if that's the trusting bit. Don't know for sure yet.