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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Comments and reviews

Yesterday the sky was so low that the green of the grass and trees seemed to take on the same dull monotonous hue so it was a really pleasant surprise to wake up to blue skies this morning. Honest to God, after the driest, brightest autumn and winter these wet days are hard to take. Only for my photos I would think those bright mornings were a figment of my imagination.

I'm doing what I swore I wouldn't do again, I'm rereading "My Naughty Little Secret" but this time it's with a fresh pair of eyes. Instead of being a writer I'm being a translator. It's funny, we all speak English yet we use it so differently and the Irish tend to throw in Gaelic words that have become part of our every day life and we forget others don't use them.

So today I'll explain the word craic... pronounced crack. Craic means fun; simple as that. If I met a friend I might say "Hiya Mary, any craic," meaning have you any news or fun to share.

Or if I was out I might say, "Jeez Mary you should have been in  the pub last night, it was great craic,"  meaning that it was a very entertaining night.

If anyone comes across a turn of phrase they don't get or need an explanation of in the book, they can post a comment here and I'll try to respond A.S.A.P.
It's hard to know what's normal or not when you hear it or use it every day, so feel free to tell me. And if you think it enhances or harms the enjoyment of the book for you let me know so I can bear that in mind for the next, which yes, is a work in progress.

Any comments or reviews at all, good, bad or indifferent on My Naughty Little Secret will help ensure that the next book is as reader oriented as it can be.

Goodnight all

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