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Friday, 17 May 2013

A rare day...

I woke up early to a bright sunny morning. I had to check I wasn't dreaming...sunshine is such a rarity these last couple of weeks.

I'm having computer problems and I am just about ready to feck the damn thing out the window. But I don't think my insurance will cover it. But one way or another most of the morning has been wasted. Gah...God be with the days of the pen and paper!

My second word of Irish-English - I'm not sure if I used it in My Naughty Little Secret, but you can be sure I'll use it plenty on this blog so I had better explain it.

eejit. - often but not always used affectionately, eejit is a derivitive of idiot, it generally means a fool or  nitwit often used with another word which affects the meaning.

eg: silly eejit...something you might say to someone affectionately if they do something daft, like trip over something because of their own negligence, or fall for a prank or something like that.

ya dirty / fecking eejit ya, slightly more offensive but again mild enough, you might have caught someone trying to pull a trick on you. Or someone allowed themselves be taken for a total fool.

He's a f*cking eejit - offensive, usually said about someone you don't like or are pretty angry at.

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