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Saturday 23 August 2014

Guest Poster T. Lee Alexis Talks About Her Marriage Kink #Erotica

Marriage is my kink

By T. Lee Alexis

I never thought I had a kink. I’m probably the most sexually liberated person I know. I’m sure that doesn’t make me unique among erotica writers, but even after dipping into a sea of erotic stories over the last 20 years, from literary sketches to the raunchiest one-handers, I thought I knew myself pretty well.

Turns out, I was wrong. I have a specific, charged and expansive kink. It’s a kink so encompassing it’s hard to see, like the horizon circling my erotic life.

My kink is marriage. And I have to wonder if you’re with me.

Everything about it, what it restricts and what it bestows, sets my imagination ablaze. And it only took looking at my erotic stories to see the theme running like a current through a river. For me, marriage adds an undercurrent of spice, pleasure of secret thrills and delayed release which just (sigh!) hits me where I cross my legs.

Getting Into It

I’ll admit it. At a wedding, I’m a crier. In the bedroom, I’m a screamer. I don’t think those things are unrelated.

As any level-headed girlfriend can tell you, there’s a vast difference between a wedding and a marriage. That being said, there’s a background flutter in my nerves whenever I go to a wedding.

Everything about them has an aphrodisiac ring: Two people spending the day celebrating their love, sealing themselves off sexually from the rest of the world (pleasure based on restriction? Maybe marriage should be a BDSM sub-category), all pointing to the implied tornado of fun once the door to the honeymoon suite closes.

I know not many make it to the wedding night with their virginity intact. God knows I did not. Still, the sweet, virginal, tiptoeing motifs in every wedding (have you ever been to a wedding without a white wedding dress?) just make the eventual lust fest so much more delicious.

It must, because even when I wanted to write about another kind of kink… a woman enjoying a mature man (The Father and the Bridesmaid), I ended up setting it at a wedding. I must be among friends there, because it became my best selling story.

The Members Only Club

I know there are people who suffer in marriage. The term Dead Bedroom Syndrome wasn’t coined on accident. But for me, married sex is far and away the best.

When you love someone, and they love you, the years of trying to excite each other, surprise each other, satisfy each other as tastes change, all have a crucible effect. Over time, everything that doesn’t work gets boiled away, leaving only what makes you and your partner scream. I noticed this when I found the first story in my Ravenwood Circle erotica series, Marriage Counseling from a Stripper Pole, found me writing on a couple married almost 10 years.

Not the usual sex-with-a-sexy-stranger sort of topic. But that leads me into a side of marriage almost no one talks about, but I’m finding more and more prevalent. Let’s call it the partner-in-crime aspect.

Namely, a happy and satisfied husband and wife venturing outside their marriage, partnering to bring a third into their bedroom. I don’t know if the last 10 years has brought on more threesomes, or simply people talking about threesomes, but the notion of two people so sexually in tune with one another lavishing their skills on a lucky newcomer. Mmmmm mmmm. Let’s say I have some personal experience with this (my story Married Couple Seeks Girlfriend is essentially autobiographical) and it was fantastic.

Three people hopping into bed… yes, yes, very sexy. But when two of them are married, the friction between their ‘pure bond’ and the rule breaking they enjoy by sharing a third like an exotic adventure. That is where it’s at for me.

When the Walls Tumble Down

I know we’re all supposed to hate them, the harlots who help boyfriends and husbands cheat.

I know good girls don’t do things like that. Only a slut steps out on her man.

But ladies, deep down, after you’ve had your relationship atrophy around you, and that guy who just flips your skirt up looks at you in that way your boyfriend never does anymore… The spark of breaking those vows, of giving in and transgressing form something so pure to something so wrong… Ugh that is hot.

There’s a reason so many of us secretly want to be a bad girl for a day. Soaking in the dangerous excitement of breaking vows, the undeniable, toxic thrill of having another woman’s man wrapped around your finger. I have never done any of these things, I swear, but living out the twisted fantasy in The Wicked Witch of West Garland Street was some of the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time.

And watching the final vestiges of a horrible marriage get smashed one passionate night in The Divorce Party was just good old fashioned fun.

There’s a reason the ball and chain metaphor has lingered for so long when it comes to marriage. Because when you’re free of it, running (or in this case fucking) has never felt so good.

So now I want to know. I hope this stroll through many of my stories doesn’t come off as too self serving. But when Tara asked me to write, and I noticed the vein of marriage related themes in my work. Well, I found my kink.

Am I alone?

FOR MATURE READERS ONLY: This story collection contains explicit, sizzling, forbidden and deliciously hot sex. If that's not your thing, or if you're not looking for graphic and spectacular erotica, this is not your book. It’s got threesomes, husbands and wives making sinful and spectacular choices, women bedding interns and living out their wildest fantasies. These stories are perfectly dirty. 

Eva Ravenwood is alone in her marriage. As the final years of her youth fade with a pleasant afterglow, she steps into middle age as the attractive wife of one of Chicago’s resteraunt owners and a successful career woman in her own right. And she is contemplating heartbreak even as her dreams seem to come true. 

Locked in a marriage with a man she loved but now cannot stand, Eva decides to breaks the confines of her life in an impulsive act which will ripple through her own life, and the lives of those close and far. What she finds is surprising, shocking arousing, searing and emotional, unexpected and deeply satisfying. 

As her choices and actions change the meaning of her life, and the life of her loving but misguided husband Peter, people close to Eva begin to use her as an example to change their own lives. When her best friend Lane hears about Eva’s exploits, she’s driven to mend her broken heart in a spectacular and sinful fashion. You won’t want to miss it. 

SHARED SINS is the first compilation of T. Lee Alexis’ highly praised stories in her Ravenwood Circle series. 

This volume contains a wide and intoxicating spread of erotica, from rough, hard, passionate sex, the threesomes of every kind (FFM and MFM), all layered with enough emotional meaning and genuine feeling to make these tales readable over and over. 

The stories included are: 

MARRIAGE COUNSELING FROM A STRIPPER POLE, Story 1 – Eva and Peter Ravenwood make some shocking choices to save their marriage, and create the union they’ve always wanted. 

MARRIED COUPLE SEEKS GIRLFRIEND, Story 2 – The Ravenwoods live out one of their most lurid fantasies, bringing another woman into their bed. 

DEVIL ON HER SHOULDER, Story 3 – Eva’s best friend Lane decides to mend her broken heart with the help of an office intern, and his handsome roommate. 

THE WICKED WITCH OF WEST GARLAND STREET, Story 4 – Liberated from her timid past, Lane decides to let her bad girl out when the neighborhood bitch pushes this nice girl too far. 

ONE TWISTED VALENTINE, Story 5 – If you think you’ve heard about all kinds of threesomes, this is a story you should read. 

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Just released, the twisted second tale in my wedding series. What’s better than one bridesmaid? Two, of course:
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SHARED SINS (Includes Marriage Counseling from a Stripper’s Pole, Married Couple Seeks Girlfriend and The Wicked Witch of West Garland Street)


Under another name, T. Lee Alexis is a journalist who covers the rich, powerful and talented in New York, Washington and Hollywood. With the pen-name T. Lee Alexis, she’s able to reveal the erotic secrets of these dramatic cities in… lightly fictionalized forms. She can be found on Twitter @TLeeAlexis or RedCoverStories.com

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