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Saturday 30 November 2013

#SaturdaySpankings 30 November 2013

A little Corbin's Bend teasing taster is in order I think as I won't be back on Saturday Spankings for a few weeks due to the crazy pre-Christmas activities that are part and parcel of being a parent.

Setting the scene:
Ange and Jim have just arrived, (literally just arrived as in just got out of their hired car from the airport, late in the evening) to a new life in Corbin's Bend, Colorado. A place where you dare to dream the dream, live the life you love and nobody will think the less of you for it.
Ange, a bit of a neat freak, wants to go unpacking immediately. Jim has other ideas, he wants to celebrate their arrival and leave the unpacking until morning. So he taunts Ange in order to get her to co-operate.

“Bastard, you always get me; now open that wine,” Ange said with a grin.

“You’ll probably have to watch your language now Ange, messing aside, I don’t think they’ll go for it here. I never knew how you could swear like a trooper all the time outside class but not in it.”

“I suppose I will; mind you, you’re not much better, and if you tell me it’s all right for a man you know I’ll have to thwap you one. Maybe we should start a swear jar, the problem is I don’t notice it half the time.”     

                “I’ve a way to make you notice it, a good wallop every time I catch you at it will soon sort you out.” he said handing her a glass. She poked her tongue out at him with a grin and said:
 “Cheers and welcome to our new life.”

Ange might be in for a bit of a rude awakening, me thinks!!!

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Saturday 23 November 2013

Friday 22 November 2013

#Satspanks 23 November 2013 Mastering Maeve

Welcome back to Saturday Spankings. Hope you're all bright eyed and rosy cheeked this morning and ready to sit through a marathon session - comfortably or uncomfortably. :) Only seven more days in November. Hope you've started your Christmas shopping - I haven't (guilty look) I prefer to save it for December. I love the frenzy and excitement.

This is the next consecutive sentences on last week's post

Her ass felt better being out of the hot water. He smoothed something cold, a cream she assumed, on her butt and it felt so good. His fingers played with her back entrance, toying and teasing, slipping in slightly thanks to the moisture of the cream. She became aware of a squirting sound and simultaneously felt coldness around her anus. His finger penetrated easily and she groaned her pleasure. Her disappointment when he withdrew surprised her: in her head, this was something dirty and she didn’t like it, but each time her body insisted on betraying her. Next something harder and colder was probing her there. She didn’t ask, just let her body guide her.

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Thursday 21 November 2013

For dog lovers: Irish Wolfhound

File:Irish Wolfhound Sam.jpg

Irish Wolfhound

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of these magnificent creatures, gentle giants that they are. On their back legs they reach up to six foot in height. They can easily burst a car tyre if they get their mouth around it, yet make the most delightful pet as long as they get plenty of space and exercise. They move with incredible grace, eat a ton of food when they are pups yet when they grow to full size, it's surprising how little they eat and they usually remain lean and lithe even into old age, arthritis can be a problem in later years however. Beautiful, intelligent and loyal animals and great around kids, (unless they whip the kid with their tail from excitement, which isn't so pleasant :(.  )

Friday 15 November 2013

#Satspanks 16 November

Hey, it's the middle of November, only five more #Satspanks 'til Christmas, folks, so you better make the most of them. I hope you all make the naughty list this year, it's so much more rewarding than the nice list!

A snip from Mastering Maeve, not a spanking, in fact the aftermath of a spanking that Maeve felt she didn't deserve. She was miffed and went off to have a bath and get a little space between herself and Larry. As she calmed down, she came to terms with having been punished. She had relaxed and was enjoying the delicious rosy with her eyes closed when she heard Larry enter the bathroom:

She heard the door click but she didn’t stir; she knew it had to be Larry. She heard his footfall and breathing come closer first, then she smelled his distinct manly smell and spicy aftershave. Still she didn’t open her eyes; it was kind of erotic relying on her other senses. Next she felt his strong hands massaging her shoulders, easing the tension out of them. Neither spoke but rather relied on touch. She leaned forward to allow his hands to massage lower down her back. She felt his hands guide her body forward more and she put her own hands on the base of the bath to steady her. His touch moved lower and instinctively she knew what he wanted so she got up on her knees. She was relaxed and open to his unspoken guidance, switching to a position of all fours, her eyes still tightly shut.

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Saturday 9 November 2013

#Satspanks #MasteringMaeve 9 November 2013

Welcome back to another Saturday Spankings blog hop. I have to admit, each week as I prepare my post, I look forward to copying the logo picture, is it just me or does it give everyone else those nice flutters in your tummy, a lady over a man's lap and wooden spoons to the side? OK enough side tracking, I gotta get to my post.
This week I'm sticking with Mastering Maeve, but I'm not quite sure who's controlling who in the scene below; see who you think has the upper hand.  :)


He was amazed to see that even after the good walloping he had given her earlier, her behind was back to its snow-white hue; naturally, his immediate inclination was to want to redden it again.
“You like these knickers, I see,” she taunted as she saw his interest pique. Slowly and enticingly she removed them, humming a tune she identified as a Chris De Burgh; ‘Patricia the Stripper’; it was a new one to him, but it was now his favourite song.
“And with a swing of the hips she started to strip; to tremendous applause she pulled off her drawers,” she tunefully intonated the lyrics.
And at that moment, she slipped her panties off and threw them at his face, laughing at her own wantonness, rising to a crescendo; “For Patricia is the best stripper in town!” He felt somewhat embarrassed; he’d always had a bit of a panties fetish, but it was his best guarded secret. Once again he was torn between admiration for her shrewdness and a desire to put her in her place. He wanted to spank her, but he wanted to fuck her even more - a deliciously torturous dilemma.

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Friday 8 November 2013

Natasha Knight's hot new release Her Rogue Knight

I'm always thrilled to host Natasha Knight on my blog. I totally love her writing, it always just hits the right spots: great characters, a story that sucks you in, and of course, the hottest of hot sex and spankings. 

Her Rogue Knight has just been released on Amazon, and I'm so delighted she's here to talk about it. I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing her congratulations and much success with her new release. And do try not to drool too much over the hot knight on the cover of the book. 

Without further ado, I'll hand you over to Natasha.


When the idea to write a Medieval Spanking Romance came up, my first thought was 'no, it's not me'. I'd never done one before and I'll be honest, researching has never been a great strength of mine. I was (gently) nudged, however, to give it a try and so I did, deciding to write the first three chapters and see how it went.
I have to say, I had a blast. I found a photo which absolutely inspired the character of Gemma, the heroine, when I was looking into Medieval dress. That was the birth of the Archeress and the story took off from there.
In this scene, Gemma confronts Sir William about the emblem on his sword and his ill-fitted scabbard, accusing him of stealing it. Sir William, ever patient, but most definitely not a man to be toyed with, teaches her a lesson in respect…

* * * *

“You should not touch a man’s sword without his permission,” Sir William said.
Gemma startled and looked up only to find him naked and dripping as he stood before her, his form momentarily shielding her from the sun, his manhood at about eye level.
She stood, willing her eyes to remain on his. “Your scabbard does not fit your sword,” she said, the challenge momentarily giving her the upper hand even as she was completely beside herself that he stood before her naked, his everything bared for her to see.
He eyed her, then bent to pick up his shirt. “You have a keen eye,” he said.
“And the emblem on the hilt of your sword. I know it.”
“Do you?” he asked, dressing himself fully now, not quite meeting her eyes.
“Yes,” she said. Inside, she was shaking and nervous, knowing she was confronting him, not sure at all she should be.
“And what do you know of it then?” he asked, his own challenge evident as he easily reached out a hand to take hers, the one that held the apple she had only just bitten into. He brought it to his mouth, her whole hand covered within his, and took a bite. The sound it made and the image it invoked as his teeth cut into the fruit made it hard for her to swallow. He watched her, still holding onto her upraised hand, his eyes boring into hers, penetrating there, the warning in them clear.
But Gemma had never been one to back down or be bullied. “Did you steal it, Sir William?” she dared ask, feeling how her hand began to tremble in his. “Is that why you hid on our lands?” she went on, a voice inside her calling her a fool all along but her mind unable to stop her mouth.
She had touched a nerve. She knew it instantly.
His hand tightened on hers for a moment, and emotion darkened his eyes. She watched as over the next moments, he regained himself. His throat worked as he swallowed, and he released her hand abruptly.
“Your imagination amuses me,” he said. “Are you ready for your lesson?”
“Lesson?” she asked, still staring up at him.
He gestured toward her arm where she kept her knife.
She nodded once, suddenly no longer aware of how hot she was.
“Show it to me,” he said.
She turned her attention to where she had sheathed the small knife and withdrew it, holding it out for him to see. He took it from her hands.
“A kitchen knife?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.
“I sharpened it,” she defended.
He touched the tip. “Yes, you did. Show me the sheath.”
She pushed the sleeve of her shift up to reveal the tiny leather sheath she had also hand made.
“Clever girl,” he said. “I don’t think you’ve used it much.”
She shook her head and took it back when he handed it to her. He held it by the blade so she could grip the handle.
With that, the lesson began. She tried to listen to his instruction as he spoke in detail of the different ways she could use it and the most effective given her size and strength. Throughout this though, her mind was still on their prior conversation. Was the emblem really what she thought it was? But that was not possible. Was it truly the dragon of the Knights of the Round Table? And if so, then who was this man? If he had stolen his sword from one of those fabled heroes, then he was an outlaw, a mercenary perhaps. He could be a part of her sister’s kidnapping—this whole thing a cleverly mapped-out plan to fool their father, steal their land.
She thought about the events of the last day, how he had come upon her just as she had been ready to shoot an arrow at one of the men who had stormed her home and run off with her sister. Was the plan all along to kidnap her too? Was it still his plan?
“Pay attention!” Sir William commanded, kicking her feet out from under her in one quick movement but catching her as they both went down to the ground.
She let out a cry as they hit the earth, bouncing once as he easily relieved her of her weapon and held it to the racing pulse at her throat.
“If you do not give your full attention, you will lose,” he said, his face inches from hers. “And if you lose,” he began, pressing the tip of the blade against her skin.
She made a small sound, her eyes wide on his as she lay trapped beneath him.
“If you lose,” he repeated, bringing his face so close to hers she could feel his breath when he next spoke. “You die.”


Since her mother’s death, Gemma’s aging father has grown weaker with every passing year, and she has all but raised her younger sister Alys. Lethal with a bow in her hand, she keeps her family safe… until the day they are caught by surprise and Alys is taken by a band of outlaws. In desperation, her father pleads for aid from a reclusive knight by the name of Sir William and pledges him Gemma’s hand in marriage in repayment for the safe return of her sister.

When Gemma ignores her father’s instructions and sets out on her own to rescue Alys, she discovers that this gruff, unkempt, and yet undeniably handsome brute is more than her match, and the lesson is brought home with a sound spanking on her bare bottom. With no time to waste taking the brave and feisty yet hopelessly naïve eighteen-year-old back home, Sir William has no choice but to bring her along as he pursues her sister’s captors. Though he might not admit it, however, he relishes the thought that he might have to punish her again, and with every glimpse of her delicious curves his lust intensifies.

In spite of his firm chastisement and his demand for her unquestioning obedience, Gemma finds her feelings for Sir William evolving rapidly. She begins to wonder what it would feel like to be stripped bare and held tight in his strong arms, helpless and blushing, yet longing for him to claim her hard and thoroughly.

Even as her desire for him grows stronger, she frets about the secrets he keeps from her. His skill in battle alone tells her that he is no mere woodsman, and the hilt of his sword bears a marking that cannot be mistaken—a symbol that she believed had passed into legend. Can she trust this man with her life and that of her sister? Will he fail her in her hour of greatest need, or will her rogue knight prove himself worthy of not only her submission but her love as well?

Publisher’s Note: Her Rogue Knight is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Thursday 7 November 2013

Apologies for the blogging slacking.

I just wanted to drop in and say hello and to apologise for my tardiness with fresh blog posts.
At the moment, life is crazy busy and something had to give. Sadly that something had to be blogging.
Hopefully I should be back on track by the end of next week. In the meantime I'm going to leave you with a very small snippet from Mastering Maeve.

A shift in attitude.

Intro: Maeve and Larry, through lack of choice, have been working together very closely trying to repair the hotel's profitability issues. In spite of herself, Maeve finds she is becoming more reliant on his guidance and good advice. And when she keeps her cool long enough to see past his stern exterior she finds she's becoming quite attached...

“I didn’t know you were leaving so soon,” Maeve said almost accusingly. “I’ll miss you,” she added so softly that she wasn’t sure if he heard it. If he did, it seemed he was choosing not to comment, keeping the conversation light.
“It’s not for long; there are some things that need to be taken care of on the ranch. I’ll be back as soon as it’s resolved. I also need to see my lawyer to get the contract finalised before I can transfer funds to you.”
She was only vaguely aware of his reassuring tone and smile; all she could focus on was the fact that he was leaving. She should have felt relief, not disappointment. After all, he had been a hard taskmaster and she was still slightly nervous of his temper. And yet she couldn’t help that sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.
“You were about to tell me your observations on the different services today,” he prompted, changing the subject yet again.

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Wednesday 6 November 2013

Dare to be different #CorbinsBend

I hinted on Satspanks that I had a W.I.P in the works and today I'm pleased to be able to tell a little more.

Do you desire to be disciplined?
Do you dare to be different?
Dream the dream in Corbin's Bend

Coming in Spring/Summer 2014.

Some of your favourite spanking romance authors will be there... so can you.

Corbin's Bend
Safe, Secure and Spanked in Colorado

Friday 1 November 2013

#Satspanks 02 November 2013 Mastering Maeve

Spankings to you my friends. Good to see you here. I'm towards the end of a list of spankings so I hope you're all still sitting comfortably! Of course I meant chair sore...what else would it be? Naturally, given that it's only recently released, I'm sharing a bit of Mastering Maeve! But hush, big secret, I do have a couple of WIP's on the go, and even a signed contract for one...But enough, we'll get to those in a few weeks or so. Have a peek at what is happening in Maeve's world for now.

Setting the scene: Maeve has just snatched Larry’s phone from him and checked up on his incoming call records and he’s absolutely fecking furious!

Fed up with her recent behaviour overall, he’s dragged her by the arm to the small schoolroom, threatening to carry her if she doesn’t come willingly. When they get there he tells her to remove her skirt and then go fetch the old school strap that’s hanging from the door and hand it to him.


He watched her drag her feet to the door, and knew that the very act of fetching the implement herself, while in a state of undress, was adding to her dread. He held out his hand as she returned and passed the leather strap to him. It was about three inches wide and fourteen inches long of double-thickness leather. It was crafted to cause serious pain and he could see she knew that as she passed it

“Now pull your panties down to your knees and lie across the desk; grip the other side with your hands.” She obeyed as expeditiously as she could, considering what was coming. He gave no warm-up, partly as time was limited and partly as this was meant to cause her as much hurt as she had with caused him her accusations. He swished the strap through the air, getting the feel of it, and saw her shudder and tighten her bottom cheeks at the sound.

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Publishers Blurb:
Finished with college and unable to find a job in her chosen field, twenty-four year old Maeve O’Reilly saw little choice but to return to her hometown in Connemara and work in her grandmother’s hotel. Maeve has barely walked in the door, however, when she learns that the establishment is deep in debt and an American visitor is considering an investment which could be the only chance to avoid foreclosure. 

That visitor turns out to be a tall, ruggedly handsome rancher by the name of Larry Williamson, a man whose dominant personality immediately puts him in conflict with the willful Maeve. When she slaps Larry across the face during a heated argument, Maeve learns to her horror that Larry is more than ready to haul her over his knee and back up his firm tone with a firm hand applied to her helpless bottom. 

Larry might like to tell himself that he has chosen to move forward with the hotel investment only to avoid any legal difficulties stemming from the spanking incident, but he knows full well that there is only one thing in Ireland he is interested in right now, and that is a beautiful, feisty, sore-bottomed young lady named Maeve. 

As the days pass, Maeve quickly finds her anger at Larry fading to grudging respect, and the memory of his chastisement begins to kindle a powerful need within her… a need only the arrogant, bossy Texan can satisfy. Maeve longs for Larry to strip her bare and claim her in a way no man has before, and when at last he does all she can do is beg for more. But will the wide gulf of the Atlantic and the hard realities of a long-distance romance tear the unlikely couple apart, or will they find a way to defy the odds and forge their passion into a lasting bond? 

Publisher’s Note: Mastering Maeve is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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