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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

#CorbinsBend Tease

Another little Corbin's Bend tease.

Do you desire to be disciplined?
Do you dare to be different?
Dream the dream in Corbin's Bend

Coming in Spring/Summer 2014.
Corbin's Bend
Safe, Secure and Spanked in Colorado

Now... decisions... decisions. It's very close to Christmas and I think to keep the man in red happy I should post only nice. But then again I wouldn't mind a swift trip over his generous, ample lap. Hmm tough one.

Dammit. Naughty it is.
Meet Ange and Jim O'Brien, who are new residents in Corbin's Bend. Ange is pretty late on in her pregnancy when scene occurs. Not long at experimenting with spanking and BDSM, they're messing about without having done their homework, as so often is the case in real life. They go with what feels good.

Ange couldn’t get over the fact that her roundness and her fertility was a major turn on for Jim, but while not understanding it, she was quite happy to reap the rewards.
Next thing she knew,  her legs were in the air and he was paddling her backside. Feminine juices were trickling down the crack in her behind. While Ange had some vague recollection of a warning about being careful of spanking in pregnancy, Jim wasn’t hurting her as such, and the position she was in there was no danger of him hitting her too high up. Her lower ass and thighs were getting the brunt of it and her bump was protected by her legs, so she hadn’t been unduly concerned. She quashed the nagging doubt because it was just too fucking hot to call a halt. 

(A few words are changed to add context as it's a short excerpt)

Corbin's Bend will be published by Lazy Day Publishing who are celebrating their third year of publishing on December 10th. Congratulations and wishing them many more successful years. 


  1. dun dun dun. Ange, something tells me you should be listening!

    Great post, Tara :D And a definite happy birthday to LazyDay!

    1. She probably should be listening, but then that would be no fun!
      Thanks so much

  2. Oh no! I am edge of my seat!

    1. I'll just have to keep posting tesers for you Casey :D - I want to keep you there! Thank you

  3. :) I'm so looking forward to these! And really, was there any thinking necessary at all about naughty or nice???

    1. Thanks Natasha. Was there thinking necessary about which naughty or nice? Well it is Christmas, so I did consider keeping it nice, for a moment as Santy's robin was sitting on my windowsill, watching me. But then naughty won out as usual, I hope robins can't read or I think I'll be getting the proverbial bag of coal this winter. :(