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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Dungeon Crawl March 25 Corbin's Bend

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Welcome back to the dungeon...be sure to check the exits are clear and unchained before you enter as there is a risk you might find yourself trapped......What? That excites you? Are you sure? Well come on in then, and take that hard pew over there and remove your clothes, the dungeon master will be along any moment.....

This week I am going to share a little from Exile To Unity, my novella in the Corbin's Bend series, due to be released in late spring. Be kind and overlook any typos as it is as yet unedited. If you're interested in finding out about the series check out Corbin's Bend Blog

"We're In".....

After a harrowing day in court, Angela O'Brien has just heard the exciting news that she and her family have been approved as residents of Corbin's Bend.

Ange had intended to be back in bed when Jim returned but she was buzzing. Finally there was something good on the horizon. And for the first time in an age, she wished he was there, beside her, to share her joy. The way they used to share things.  A long hour passed before she heard the key in the latch. Jim jumped as she said hello.
“Oh God, Ange you gave me a fright. I thought you were sleeping.”  
“I woke up and then I checked the computer, great news Jim, we’re in.” She rose from her seat and approached him, wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing his mouth. She knew he was stunned as he hadn’t even asked what we’re in meant; she had spurned all his advances of late. But he didn’t reject her out of spite or pettiness. She could feel him pull her close, savoring a rekindling of a flame that had almost been extinguished by circumstances. Ange could feel a vaguely familiar twitch in her clit as his tongue probed her mouth and his hands ran through her hair, tugging lightly on it. She had almost forgotten how good it felt to be possessed by her man.
His hard cock pressing against her thigh was a delight instead of the nuisance she had lately come to see it as. She wanted to feel it, taste it and better still, be fucked by it. What she really wanted was for him to just take her, there and then, but in light of her recent refusals, she knew he couldn’t so she took the lead.
“Jim, would you mind spanking me?” she asked feeling her cheeks blush. God it was like the early days. She felt mortified but she really needed a good hard session to wash the tension out of her.
“Are you sure, we haven’t done it since…”
“Since Jack was born,” she continued for him. “I know, I couldn’t but now I need to, if you can bear it.”
“Bear it? Shit Ange, I’ve been praying for it. Do you remember our safe word?”
“Course I do, it was copper, for Copperface Jacks, where we met, why the hell do you think I wanted Jack’s name, silly.”
Ange saw the smile spread across his face at that. How the hell had things gone so bad that it took her three years to explain why she had been insistent on the name? Where the hell had Jim and Ange, the unit, together against the world, gone? She felt guilty as sin. It wasn’t Jim who had shut down, she knew that. It was totally her doing.
“I’d like over the knee,” he said timidly. “It’s intimate, think you can handle that?”
“Don’t ask, tell. Take over like you used to. Please?”
She saw him look at her and appraise her expression. All of a sudden he seemed taller, younger and stronger. She didn’t notice his paunched belly or his greying temples, peppering his once black hair. She just saw her man.
“Come here,” he ordered as he sat on the sofa. Ange approached him slowly, nerves kicking in as they always did. Normally he had expected her to be naked from the waist down so she reached behind to open her skirt.
“Leave it,” he ordered, growing taller and more formidable by the second. Ange cautiously positioned her clothed body across his knee and felt him bunch her skirt up above her hips. His hand softly caressed her rounded buttocks as he bared her.
“Mm, hot, I always liked it better clothed.” That was news to Ange; the bareness must have been to satisfy her not him. She felt his fingers slip under the waistband of her panties. He didn’t remove them just pulled them down to mid-thigh.
“That is the fucking sexiest picture a man could ever want,” he said as her garments were positioned to his liking. Ange, aroused from the outset was now dripping. She felt his hand come down on her arse, softly, almost reverently; and again the same on the other cheek. This continued to the count of ten. Ange was just about ready to give up and get the fucking over with; things were not going according to plan. He was being too tender and he just wasn’t pushing her buttons. As she tried to rise, his other hand locked her in position.
“Not so fast, Ms. O’Brien. I’m in control here,” he warned, bringing his hand down hard.  A rain of hard, stinging thwacks fell rapidly all over her bottom. Ange wriggled to try to escape the deluge.

“Lie still unless you want to be tied,” he said and she could feel moisture pool in her pussy. She hadn’t realized how much she had missed dominant Jim. Automatically, she gave herself over to him, her body opening like petals in the early morning light.

Don't forget to see what else awaits you in the dungeon... A wicked Wednesday and and torturous Thursday await


  1. I'm looking forward to this series of books. Everything I've read so far simply entices! I was telling someone the other day I have a thing for monogamy and I love stories of married couples doing this thing. Your snippet is sexy as hell Tara but also very real - the reality of life, of getting older and of working through life happening around you.

    1. Thanks so much, Natasha.
      I agree with you about enjoying reading about established couples. In many ways there is more freedom to explore the realities of life. The politeness of strangers is gone and indeed many of the excited butterflies of newness. The dynamics are very different but none the less interesting in my view.

  2. “Lie still unless you want to be tied,”
    Yeah, that got me! I love the way you write, Tara, it's like poetic and hot and sexy all at once!
    And hey, your link worked!

  3. Thank you, Casey.
    Ssh...don't tell anyone but there was a hiccough with the post. - not the link finally I think I have the idea on that, but silly me, I set it for the wrong time. Ah well, some day I will get it 100% right. :D

  4. I do love stories where the spark returns in a marriage. Sometimes we look in the mirror and are surprised at the change in the reflection, because we still have the same desires on the inside as we did many years ago. Extremely hot, Tara. Thanks :)

  5. Love it when a couple takes the time to reconnect the way they did before having children and getting bogged down with the responsibilities of day to day life. It's hot that she is bold enough to ask Jim for the spanking. But what really got me, was that she didn't think it was 'working' for her. (He wasn't being dominant enough... spanking hard enough!) And just when she decided she wanted to get to the sex part and get it over with, Jim reminds her 'she's' not the one in control.
    Yes, I think she needed to hear that.
    Great excerpt, Tara!

  6. Lie still unless you want to be tied... Squirm girl, squirm. ~giggle~ Loved this snippet. More. MORE!

  7. Mmm, I love reading about real life marriages and the imperfections that make the intimacy so much more real, raw, etc. I'm looking forward to reading this!

  8. That was wonderful. it's so important to reconnect with your significant other. I love that you wrote this. Thank you.

  9. I didn't notice any spelling errors. :)
    It's kind of refreshing to read this instead of having everyone be young and hot and hard bodied.