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Friday, 18 April 2014

#Satspanks My Naughty Little Secret April 18 2014

Saturday Spankings

I was going back over my old emails and realised it's almost a year since I sent my finished manuscript of My Naughty Little Secret to James at Stormy Night Publications. What a year it has been. I've met some incredible friends, learned a lot, about writing, marketing and life in general. So it seems fitting to give you an extract from Siobhan's first spanking - the start of a new journey; both for her and me.

The set up: Siobhan and Michael have been on their first date, which stretched into a second day. They went for lunch and before going they had discussed the payment issue, Michael insisted it would be him but Siobhan went behind his back and paid anyway. This led to an almighty argument and Siobhan's redheaded temper flared out of control, with Michael's not too far behind! Here is what ensued...

“You think this is about you paying for lunch? Maybe it started that way, Siobhan, but honestly, the way you yelled and swore, you were like a three-year-old having a tantrum; with a foul mouth like that, you deserve a good spanking.”
Uh oh, he really shouldn’t have said that. The headmaster image was back in my head in a flash and boy, was I ready to play out the role of the naughty schoolgirl; the thought was really hot. I could feel something deep inside me stirring, an awakening of my true self.
“Do it then! Put your money where your mouth is; you’re angry, you want to spank me, then go ahead,” I challenged without engaging my brain. What the fuck was I thinking?

From the moment she saw him on her first day at her new job in London, there was something about Michael which annoyed Siobhan Brennan… and something else that pulled her to this stunningly handsome man and his boldly arrogant personality. In spite of her misgivings she soon finds herself out on a date with him, and she is torn between a desire to defy him as often as possible and a deeper, more disturbing need to submit to him. It certainly doesn’t help that very embarrassing thoughts keep popping into her head uninvited: images of herself bent over, bare bottom on display, waiting for Michael to chastise her firmly.

It is not long before Siobhan, in a rash moment, actually dares Michael to spank her, only to find that he is more than up to the challenge of turning her naked backside bright red. To her horror, her sore behind only fuels the fire growing within her, and she is soon on her knees before him, blushing with shame yet needing him to take her and take her hard.

It is only afterwards that the couple must come to terms with what took place, and what it means for their relationship. Was this just a one-time event, something to be tried but never repeated, or will Siobhan find herself punished like a naughty girl again in the future? As scandalized as it makes her feel, in her heart she knows what she needs, but is Michael prepared to give it to her? And when she finds out that Michael has kept something important from her about his past and who he really is, will she be able to forgive him or will the revelation tear them apart forever?

Publisher’s Note: My Naughty Little Secret is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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  1. Oh wow, a year. It goes so fast!!! Did you say headmaster????

  2. Oh when the thoughts in our head sneak out of our mouths - then no telling what will happen.

  3. Her 'filter' is about to be readjusted. lol

  4. love it, Tara :) redheaded temper :D She does have a wonderful mouth on her here :D

  5. LOL, I like Leigh's comment. I'd say she'll learn to think before she speaks the next time, but I somehow I doubt it.

  6. The naughty school-girl a churning, the foul-mouth entree and a head-master baited... and a excerpt leaving us in a quandary of wonderment, -Did He go ahead and Do it?... such a set-up for these two...

  7. Headmaster ... naughty schoolgirl ... the components for a perfect scene!

  8. We really did publish our firsts right around the same time. Congrats on a year! I love Siobhan, so so much.

  9. Oh YAY! A Feisty heroine... and I do have a thing for those. I hope she gets her spanking!

  10. I've actually said something much like that to my husband!