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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hot Damn, #HotDom #Cover reveal His Forever Summer #Corbinsbend

Taaa Daaa.
I have a new cover for His Forever Summer and it's time to share!

Wait....I'm really not even sure I want to do this. My new cover is so gorgeous I nearly want to keep it all to myself.

When I got it, I was asked for my thoughts....well, my thoughts included a word I definitely couldn't use while talking to my publisher so a tempered down version went something like:

"Phwoar Kieran is hot." I think you get the picture.

I was so mesmerised by him, that it actually took me a couple of minutes to take in the rest of the cover and to realise how absolutely perfect it was. Exactly what I wanted.
Carla has just the right look, - she looks like she could cut you down to size with just a word, while still looking soft and feminine.  And I love the new fall covers for the new season of Corbin's Bend.

Thank you so much Blushing Books, and The Cover Artisan. I totally love my new cover.

What? You actually want me to share it????
Well okay....If I have to...

His Forever Summer by Tara Finnegan
Carla Methon has tread on a lot of toes, men’s and women’s alike. But no one could be more dissatisfied with Carla than the lady herself. With a compunction to throw herself at every man within a three mile radius and a serious case of foot in mouth disease, Carla knows she is in desperate need of being taken in hand before she does any more damage to her reputation. 

Kieran O’Brien needs to escape a broken relationship and he invites himself to spend a summer with his brother in Corbin’s Bend. But Kieran is a totally unsuspecting vanilla with no idea of the ethos of the community he is about to enter. 

The pair strike up an unlikely friendship of vanilla and spice, with one stipulation – it is only a summer fling. By the time Kieran boards his flight to return to Ireland he wishes his summer could last forever. Can he find the courage, not only to admit the extent of his feelings, but to take on the role Carla so desperately needs him to be? 

Release date (subject to change) October 22 2014.


  1. The cover is absolutely gorgeous! I so can't wait to get this book.

    1. Thanks Jule
      I can't tell you how delighted I was when I opened it up - it was a real wow moment. 22 October is the scheduled release date, all going well, but I hope you have seen the wonderful deal on Blushing Books where all 9 books are available on prebuy until October third at a fantastic price of $29.99

  2. I am so excited for you! I love love love the hot cover - I love how they both look- and the blurb!! Foot in mouth disease... Can't wait to read it. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks a million Natasha.
      Hah, I wonder if they can do those disinfectant foot bath things to cure foot in mouth disease like the do for foot and mouth disease the animals get :)

  3. Wow, I love it! Yes, he's hot but for me it's everything - the colors, the design, and the models both. Good for you, bet it sells a lot of books!

    1. I couldn't agree more Normandie - the whole package is perfect - the colours are so striking, the models both perfect, (poses, expressions and picturesque!) The background beautiful, and that water so crisp, cool and inviting.
      It really is stunning.

  4. The cover is hot, hot, hot. Love the colors and oh yeah the models. The cover artisan has outdone themselves.

    1. Off topic here but this is one stunning cat. Yours? Maine Coon? I have a MC mix, Daisy. This one looks like a cross between Daisy and my dilute torti, Mama Rose.

    2. Thanks Renee, The Cover Artisan really has done a fantastic job but he always does. He's excellent.

    3. Oh, and I agree with Jule on the cat, he's gorgeous - I'd love to see a bigger picture of him.