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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New year - old sloppiness!

First off, Happy New Year!

 Ah hello Tara, nice of you to join us, I hear you all say, sarcasm dripping from your tongues.

 And yep, I deserve it, - 7 days into the new year - school back since Monday - and where is Tara? Missing in action!

 Is she writing a masterpiece with hair sticking up all over the place, body sticky and sweaty from the fact that she can't be torn away from the computer because the voices in her head are gone manic? Nope, and nope.

 Is she a lazy, disorganised slob who is lacking motivation and taking an extra long holiday? Yes guilty, I'm afraid.
I have no excuse except idleness. I haven't done any writing. I haven't even done much of my other job either. I have just been relishing in the nice quiet house since the kids returned to school.

 I'm starting up another blog, and you can be sure it will be as haphazard and infrequent as this one, but it's totally unrelated to my writing so I can't put them both on the one spot. As the other blog is personal, I am not looking for commenters that could link me back to this world, as someday I will probably share it with my family. For that reason I have turned on comment moderation. Even if I never approve the comment, you can rest assured I will read it. :) Here you go!


In light of the above new blog, I can safely say my resolution for 2015 is to live life to the full, and remember to enjoy every moment of it. Sometimes it's easy to forget how precious life really is.

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