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Tuesday 21 October 2014

Spotlight on Courted By Discipline, first book of the in Hyacinth series by Bree Cariad

I am absolutely thrilled to welcome Bree Cariad with her brand new release, Courted by Discipline, the first book of  her In Hyacinth series, which is now available.

Courted by Discipline Press Kit

She did not expect to become part of the Hyacinth Courting pool and the object of interest of every man looking for a wife.

Courted by Discipline
In Hyacinth, Book One

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Marketing Copy:
When Kathy Bretherton moved to Hyacinth at the age of eighteen, she looked forward to living amongst people who believed in traditional values like her family did. She did not expect to become part of the Hyacinth Courting pool and the object of interest of every man looking for a wife.

Alexander Covington was the most eligible bachelor in town and he wanted her. For Kathy, who grew up in a traditional household where the man was the head of the home and her and her mother a committed homemaker, falling in love with him was relatively easy. Following his lead and accepting his discipline was the life-changing part.

About the series "In Hyacinth" by Bree Cariad:

Hyacinth, Washington is all about old-fashioned values. In Hyacinth words like trust, honor, and kindness aren't just buzzwords. Hyacinth is a community built on tradition and trust, where men are the head of the home and women are encouraged to follow their lead.

Each story in the series is of a young woman (18-20) and her struggle to figure out who she is in this little town while at the same time going through Hyacinth's old-fashioned courting system. On their way to meet, get to know, and finally marry their princes, these heroines grow in ways they and their town never expected.

For a couple minutes he didn’t speak and she hoped she was off the hook. “Do you remember me asking you never to walk out there?”

“Well, yes, but what was I to do? Mom wasn’t expected back into town for an hour and the noise was deafening.”

He parked in her driveway and turned and looked at her. The disappointment on his face made her pout. “I’m sorry, Xander.”

“Let’s go inside.”

Knowing he was going to discipline her, she followed him up the steps and unlocked the door, glad to be in out of the storm. “Go up and dry off,” he said calmly. “Then come down and join me.”

“Okay.” Running up to her bedroom, she wondered what he would do. Corner time? Lines? An essay? She had broken a promise to him. That was huge. Kathy was just glad they were in stage three. If they were in stage four, she would have more than likely be taken to her dad’s study and asked to bend over the desk so he could spank her. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for that.

Peeling her wet clothes off, she tossed them in the bathtub to wring out later and changed into flannel pants and a sweatshirt. After rubbing her hair dry with a towel, she trotted back down the stairs.

“Exactly,” Xander said and she looked up to find him on the phone. “I’m glad we agree, Gerald.” Gerald? He couldn’t be talking to her father, could he? Oh, drat. He looked up and beckoned her over and she walked up to him and sat down. “Let me put you on speaker so she can hear it from you.” He held out his phone and her father cleared his throat.

“Kathy, Alexander and I have decided that you’re now in stage four. As such, he may discipline you in any which way he chooses as long as it’s over your clothing. Do you understand?”

Kathy gaped at the phone. Her father had done it. He’d given Xander the right to spank her.

“Kathy? I asked if you understood.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered, not looking at the man next to her.

“Good. Son, you’re welcome to use my study.”

“Thank you, Gerald. I will.”

Xander put the phone back in his pocket and stood up. “Kathy, go to the study.”

Standing up, she made her feet move as she walked back to the room she would rather not be in right now. She wanted to submit to Xander because she knew she was in love with him, even if she hadn’t told him, but she had never been spanked by anyone but her father before and Cami said he hit hard.

As they walked into the room, he closed the door behind them as she went to stand in front of the desk.

“Come here,” he said, taking her hand and drawing her over to the couch. After he sat down, he turned her so that she faced him. “Kathy, I know this is new and you’re scared, but I’ll never harm you. Ever. I take being the head of house seriously. And as the head in this relationship, I expect you to follow my guidance and to keep your promises. Do you know why I’m going to spank you?”

This was so much harder than being spanked by her father. It was so… personal. Xander insisted they keep eye contact and she knew she had to answer. “Because you asked me not to walk there and I did.”

“Yes and no. I’m spanking you because you agreed not to walk there and then did. Do you understand the difference? Kathy, if we get married, then I’ll be your head of house and when I ask you to do something, I’ll expect compliance and being the girl you are, I know I would receive it. As we’re in a courtship, I can only discipline you for what you have readily promised me you would do. You broke your promise to me.”

Tears sprang to her eyes and she felt her mouth tremble. Hurting him had never been her intention. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Xander. I didn’t mean to break my promise. I just… I didn’t think.”

“I know, honey. Discipline is a good help with that.”

Her father said the same thing and unfortunately they were both right.

She expected him to point her over to the desk just like her father did, or perhaps to lean against the wall, but instead, he patted his lap. “Over my lap, Kathy.” He was going to spank her over his knee.




 Bree enjoys good books with great characters. While she may be an adult, her favorite memories are from her teenage years reading inspirational romance with girls just like her and strong heroes. That's one of the reasons she's written In Hyacinth, a series of Courting Romances.

Courting Romance - where contemporary romance meets traditional values.

You can find her at:
Bree’s website/Blog - http://breecariad.blogspot.com/
Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007424266037
Facebook Author Page - https://www.facebook.com/BreeCariad
Twitter - https://twitter.com/BreeCariad
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