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Wednesday 8 October 2014

#Wipitup Wednesday His Forever Summer

Welcome to WIP it up Wednesday

The good news is for Corbin's Bend readers is season two kicks off tomorrow with the release of Thianna D's Chemistry Of Attraction which should be on sale on Blushing Books, and hopefully all other sites before the day is out. I can't wait to read it.

Then in another two weeks, His Forever Summer will be released. Yay!
Here's a snippet of the interactions between the two brothers just after Kieran arrives in Colorado.

A wave of relief washed over Kieran when he saw Jim standing behind the barriers alone. Kieran was struck by how amazingly fit and trim his brother looked. He had become positively porky before they left Ireland, and no wonder; Ange was an incredible cook. The thought of being fed by her for the next three months was making his mouth water in anticipation. Looking at Jim made him wonder if she had given up on the cooking elaborate dishes for the family, now that she was running a bakery business.
“Is the missus not feeding you right, now that she’s back working?” he asked once Jim released him from the bear hug.
“Don’t you dare say that to Ange, or she’ll serve you your goolies for breakfast in the morning,” Jim replied with a laugh. “It’s living here. The facilities are great and there’s no going to the pub every weekend. You smell like you could do with a dry out too!”
“Christ, I didn’t expect you to have a pop at me. Ange maybe. I haven’t turned into a lush. It’s a once off, I swear. But I could seriously use a coffee before we go any further. How long is the drive?”
“Over an hour. We’ll get coffee to go.”
“I suppose you heard Maura’s getting married,” Kieran said as they started out on the journey.
“Fuck, no! I’m sorry, man.”
“Ach, I suppose it’s better off happening now then when we had kids. At least that’s what I try to tell myself. She’d have left me sooner or later. You’re lucky you found Ange. She’s so dependable.”
“We’ve had our share of ups and downs, every couple does. But yeah, she’s pretty great. And coming here was a brilliant decision. We’ve become a team.”
“Oh my God, that sounds so American. We’ll have to get you back home to sort you out.”
“Scoff away, but you’ll see. Things are different here. Once Corbin’s Bend gets under your skin, you won’t want to leave. And no, before you ask! You can’t extend your stay. Three months is definitely your limit. I had to do all sorts of begging and pleading to get permission for you to stay this long.”
“Why, what’s the big deal with visitors?”
“It’s a housing co-operative, none of us own our houses, but we own shares in the co-op. New residents go through a screening process. And a three month stay is a long time. The board may well want to meet with you, I don’t know yet.”
“What sort of screening? Like work ethic, clean living and that kind of thing?”
“Um, yeah…something like that,” Jim replied.

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  1. Ohhh... I'm so excited. There's going to be more with Jim and Ange but now we've got Kieran visiting for the summer. Can't wait to see where this is going. I giggled at the 'positively porky' comment. I can only wonder at the kind of trouble these brothers might find themselves in.
    Great excerpt, Tara ☺

  2. Congrats on this releasing soon! I love the exchange between the brothers!! Great scene!! :)

  3. Two weeks!!! I am so excited! I will admit, I had no idea what this meant "she’ll serve you your goolies for breakfast in the morning" it made me laugh though.

    Good luck with the upcoming release!

  4. The count down has began! Whoop! I love your characters! <3

  5. love the characters. Kiernan seems fun