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Saturday, 4 October 2014

#SatSpanks Meet Carla Methon

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Hello and welcome to another Saturday Spankings. It's only 18 days until the release of His Forever Summer so in anticipation, I am going to give you a little background on Carla Methon, the main female character in His Forever Summer.

Carla was a very significant secondary character in Exile To Unity, and the excerpt I am sharing is from there. At one point, she had a massive obsession with Jim, hero worshiping him beyond reason after he pulled her out of her car, just before it went up in flames.

In this scene, Jim and Ange are at thanksgiving dinner with Carla's family, and Carla is a little intoxicated and not acting wisely:

          He took a seat on the sofa, and Carla sat beside him. He was talking away with her, any reserve removed by alcohol on both sides. Jim was aware of Carla moving closer and he moved over to the arm but somehow Carla seemed to end up right up close again. He was horror struck as she leaned towards him and tried to kiss him. He pulled away, jumping up off the sofa.  Right at that moment, Ange walked in.
      “Jack isn’t settling would you mind getting his teddy from the car?” Ange asked as she walked in the door. He saw her jaw fall open as she took in the scene she was met with.
“What the hell is going on here?” Ange hissed.

Blurb: Exile to Unity, Corbin’s Bend Book Three
When their preference for BDSM becomes embarrassingly public, Angela and Jim O’Brien decide to start afresh in Corbin’s Bend, a community based on a common ethos of spanking, a place where Ange hopes they can belong.

Ange soon learns that in this new environment,  Jim is not beyond chastising her with a good sound spanking as the couple face their past demons and try to recover the closeness they once shared.  New challenges soon face the couple.  Will their difficulties destroy them or can their move be what Ange initially hoped for, an exile to unity?


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  1. I really love the title and looking forward to the read.

  2. Oh boy...Jim is about to have a very angry wife on his hands!

    1. Surprisingly not as angry as you might expect, Meredith!

  3. I read this book from Season One and loved it! That Carla - she needs her butt spanked!

    1. She might just get that spanking in season two, Holla :D
      Thank you

  4. Sounds like Carla needs a firm hand applied to her bottom.

  5. Oh yeah. I am so looking forward to this book. Love all your books Tara!

  6. OOh I'm so looking forward to Carla finally getting hers. Great snippet Tara :)