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Sunday 16 November 2014

Breaking My Vow of Silence!! A Corbin's Bend book review - A Brush of Violet, by Corinne Alexander

When the first of the Corbin’s Bend books came out I made a decision that I would not review any of them. There were a number of reasons for this:
First of all, it seemed incestuous - I review one author and say how great it was, and they come back and review mine and do the same. Then my reviews and theirs become meaningless – and it becomes one great mutual masturbation session for each of the authors in Corbin’s Bend.
Secondly, could I be impartial? I love this series so automatically I’m wanting to love each and every book in it.
Then how to star rate it? If I rate one a 4 star and another a 5 star am I offending a colleague I may have to work in close collaboration with?
And then the biggest reason of all, some day it has to happen – I will come across one I don’t like and if I have reviewed everyone else’s and leave out one well, that in itself would speak volumes. Only solution – don’t review them!
But I am breaking my silence for one book, A Brush With Violet by Corinne Alexander.
Why? Because it’s a first novel and I was so grateful for every review on my first novel (only 18 months ago) – reviews were worth more than sales to me, even the bad reviews. Bad comments were learning points, good comments were encouragement to keep going and write a second. Also, I am not submitting one for season three, so I can step back a little and be more impartial even if only for a little while.  And damn, it was good so it was easy to review :D
So on to the review.
Good story line? – check! Very good story line, and very realistic too.
Likeable characters? – check! Violet was really likeable, very together, tough, a survivor. My kinda gal. I would definitely pick her as a friend. Charles, a hot alpha without being over domineering. He could be your guy next door, and if he was, you would swoon every time you met him in the driveway.
Hot spankings? – hell yeah, and plenty of them.
Erotic content? - Yes!!!
Would I recommend this book? Absolutely
 Will I read it again? Definitely.

 Overall I thought the book was wonderful - well written with really great characters.
The one and only not so great bit was that  I found the first chapter a little wooden, like Ms. Alexander was trying a bit too hard to make an impression. The second chapter she got more relaxed and by the third she was flowing freely and I was reading greedily. By the time the first date ended I was totally rapt in the adventures of Violet and Charles; considered them my personal friends and was really rooting for them. I was seriously hooked and each page got better and better. I loved the struggles of Violet, ambitious talented and a perfectionist and thought they were really well portrayed. I've also lived that corporate existence to some extent and I could completely identify with her. It always seems so much harder for a woman, or at least did seem that way a number of years ago. Thankfully, I can't comment on how it is in 2014!
I have to say, Violet’s first punishment spanking was one of my favourite yet. Ms Alexander got inside Violet’s head wonderfully describing each sensation and each emotion as it happened, transporting the reader right to the scene . Also, the final spanking was just so hot I had to read it really slowly, for fear one word would escape unnoticed. It was delicious!
I was cheering when Violet finally accepted what and who she really was and stopped trying to be what she thought others expected of her, and I’d fight her for Charles if I wasn’t already married!! They made a great couple and it was just so wonderful to see them come together properly. I loved this book and I really think Corinne Alexander is going to be a name to watch out for. I certainly can't wait for more from her. And to tell the truth, I'm hoping her next will be another Corbin's Bend because this was a great addition to the series.

High powered business woman, Violet Walker, has long left her artistic days behind. That is until her best friend, Everleigh Harris, invites her to Corbin's Bend for an art festival. What Everleigh doesn't know is that Violet hasn't been able to paint a single brush stroke since turning her back on her submissive desires and spanking needs in college. When she meets charismatic and drop dead gorgeous Charles her world is turned completely upside down. Will Violet, overworked, burnt out, and in denial of her deepest wants and desires, be able to surrender when love knocks on her door?  
Charles Robinson, President of the discipline Board in Corbin’s Bend and longtime resident, adores the community he lives in and the freedom it provides for all who live there. Raised in a traditional family; love and discipline are a way of life for him. There’s nothing he wants more than a marriage just like his parents where spanking and romance go hand in hand, even if that means holding out for true love. Is Violet just the kind of woman he’s looking for?

Will Violet risk the life she’s built for herself in blood, sweat, and tears for the undeniable connection she has with Charles, the utter bliss and contentment she feels when she’s over his lap? Can Charles convince Violet she really can have it all? Will this trip be just what she needs to rekindle all that she has lost since joining the corporate world?

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  1. I'm in awe! You completely made my night! I was not expecting to see this in my email box! At risk of sounding like a complete dork, I read this review the way that you read the last spanking scene in my book! Thank you!!!!