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Saturday 1 November 2014

#Satspanks Getting ready for the #Spanking His Forever Summer #CorbinsBend

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Oh my, another Saturday. With the children home from school for mid-term break, that week fairly flew past! But the good news is, All Hallows Eve, or hallowe'en or Samhain, depending on what you call it, has passed, and we all escaped the ghouls and ghosts who wanted our souls to live to see another Saturday Spankings. Now our mission is to escape Mistress Blake's tardy board and count down the days until Christmas.

This is a snippet from His Forever Summer, Carla is in a bit of bother (surprise surprise, right? She was trouble from she first appeared in Corbin's Bend!) But I'm beginning to think Kieran has the measure of her....

“Good morning,” Carla said, tentatively kissing his cheek.

“Not for long, sweetheart. You can go straight back to your bedroom, remove that robe and anything else you happen to be wearing, and kneel at the wall. I will deal with you when I finish cleaning your mess. Oh, place your paddle on the bed. No, better yet, place your hands above your head, and hold the paddle up. It will concentrate the mind on what’s coming.”

He left her waiting like that for twenty agonizing minutes

His Forever Summer 
Carla Methon has tread on a lot of toes, men’s and women’s alike. But no one could be more dissatisfied with Carla than the lady herself. With a compunction to throw herself at every man within a three mile radius and a serious case of foot in mouth disease, Carla knows she is in desperate need of being taken in hand before she does any more damage to her reputation. 

Kieran O’Brien needs to escape a broken relationship and he invites himself to spend a summer with his brother in Corbin’s Bend. But Kieran is a totally unsuspecting vanilla with no idea of the ethos of the community he is about to enter. 

The pair strike up an unlikely friendship of vanilla and spice, with one stipulation – it is only a summer fling. By the time Kieran boards his flight to return to Ireland he wishes his summer could last forever. Can he find the courage, not only to admit the extent of his feelings, but to take on the role Carla so desperately needs him to be? 

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  1. Yikes! I'd feel sorry for Carla, but I have a feeling she deserves everything Kieran is going to give her. Love the snippet, Tara.

  2. Oh, shivers! Mmm loved this scene!

  3. I love that he is having her hold it on her head. I haven't been able to read it for days--I am hoping for some quality reading time tonight