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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Adult Toys.

Adult toys.

I figure the best place to start with the adult toys are the ones that feature in My Naughty Little Secret, they’re there for a reason… Because I love them!

Lovehoney 10 Function Remote Control  Dream Egg

Description, a little pink egg shaped vibrator for total insertion.   And you can’t argue with the name. It is a dream!
This is the coolest sex toy ever in my opinion. Small and discrete, and just perfect for spicing up those boring parties and dinners you’d rather not be at. As it’s remote controlled your partner can have such a good time pushing your buttons. And if your partner happens to like controlling you, what better way than by remote.
The model in question has ten settings and it’s fun to play around with them. Some give a better sensation than others, and there are steady vibrations and pulses.
And wonderful and all as it is inserted, it’s electric on the clitoris. Woohoo.  It has a  nice round shape which means it’s gentle but intense. Yum!
For public but private pleasure, it’s one of the best. Slight word of warning though, there is a gentle hum for it so you do need a little background noise!
If I was to change one thing, I’d make the remote control black rather than pink so as it might look like a car remote, for even more teasing fun, then instead of twiddling with the settings in your pocket you could be open about it adding to the excitement.

Definitely five stars for me.

Butt Plugs.

Chances are if you’re into spanking, you or your partner may also be into a little Anal Play. If you’re comfortable with it, anal play can really spice up your sex life.
My secret compartment in my wardrobe hides a few toys but again, the ones featured in My Naughty Little Secret are another Lovehoney purchase.
Lovehoney Beginners Basic Triple Pack Butt Plugs
I have to confess, I’ve only been brave enough to try two out of three, (So far anyway!) OK, I take it that you have a fair idea by now, either by reading My Naughty Little Secret, or excerpts from it on the blog, I’m a bit of a spanking fetishist. If you add a butt plug, it adds a whole new dimension to the thrill. Mm-mmm.
The smallest plug is a great starting point. It’s short and therefore not very invasive for a beginner but still it is wide enough not to be able to ignore it. They take a little getting used to, but they’re HOT! And having your bottom plugged is such a divinely submissive act. Your instincts repel against the rudeness of it, but your body delights in the forbidden pleasure. Of course if you’re tied, and can’t resist, well then, there is nothing to feel guilty about is there???
It took a little while to graduate onto the medium one but double mm-mmm. Longer, wider than the smallest one, it really hits the spot. And having this in place as you get spanked is wild. Your automatic instinct is to clench as you feel the sting and then you clench around the plug, it creates a thrust like sensation. A succession of smacks is a succession of thrusts. Delicious!
One of the things I particularly liked about these plugs is they seem to be easier than some to hold in place. Also, the smooth texture facilitates easier insertion.  

I’m going to rate it 4.5 stars out of 5, I’m taking away a half a mark because the biggest one looks too scary to me to be considered a beginner plug, and it was described as a beginner pack.


  1. This remote control egg sounds exciting! I have a birthday coming up, I may just send the link to my husband. Although, I am not much of an exhibitionist, I don't know if I could wear that in public!
    Oh and I am right there with you with the butt plugs. Do anal and spanking go hand and hand? You're probably right, I never really connected the two though. Thanks for sharing Tara!

    1. I really love the egg! Be a divil Casey, no one knows your using it in public but you're kept on your toes! it really adds a bit of spice.