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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Horny hump day

Horny Hump Day

Siobhan and Michael take things a step further on their date...

  I tried to move to undress him. “Be still or I’ll stop, Siobhan,” he scolded; I had no control. He was calling all the shots and it was incredible.


  1. I totally get the 'it was incredible'. When my husband uses that tone and tells me to keep my hands at my sides or asks why I'm covering myself, OMG, it's like something is absolutely fulfilled. I feel so soft and giving. It's incredible.

  2. It's the way they command you to be patient when it's the last thing you want to be, and yet exactly the way you need to be. Great snippet, Tara.

  3. I like that, Tara. The "incredible" comes as almost a surprise. It feels good in that sentence, and I need more.

  4. I like that he's calling all the shots;)Nice!

  5. I wonder what he's doing that she doesn't want to stop? Hot three!

  6. I can relate to her feelings of delight. Having a man, especially one who is so attractive, tell you to slow down and let him be in the driver's seat is awfully sexy. Well done, Tara, and welcome to HHD.