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Friday, 28 June 2013

This is an excerpt from a WIP I'm working on, telling the story of a couple who, in a last bid to avoid the divorce courts, decide to try domestic discipline to iron out their problems.

“Go have your bath,” he instructed coolly, “And leave the door unlocked for me.”

Maria felt the butterflies flitting in her tummy, he had a right to be angry, and she had timed her confession deliberately, hoping the glass of wine would calm him, it was after all her fourth speeding ticket this year. As she tried to relax in the sensual fragrant bubbles, she could hear his footsteps on the stairs and her nerves hit fever pitch.
“Up on all fours,” he instructed, entering the bathroom waving a butt plug and belt. She scurried to obey, now was not the time to argue with him, her warm wet skin felt the cool air of the bathroom and she shivered.
Maria whimpered softly as he mercilessly plunged the plug into her most secret place and as soon as it was in place she heard the tell-tale swish of the leather through the air, before she even had time to catch her breath.

“C-R-A-C-K,” the leather landed on her already bath-scorched rump, causing her to scream out. And she knew she had many more to go.


  1. GREAT excerpt! I literally can't wait to

  2. Whoa! Yup, speeding is dangerous but he's strict! A butt plug and a leather belt? Yikes! Interesting premise, though. Would be interested in knowing how they got into this relationship. Sounds like it isn't anything new to her. Definitely want to know more. Thanks for sharing, Tara.

  3. That made my bits quiver…yum…

    Sorry for the TMI. :)

  4. Oh, wow. That was pretty freaking hot.

  5. A belt and a plug for a ticket? The tease did say it was the fourth...yikes! Poor girl. I want to know more. :D

  6. Alternative to Divorce - Discipline style... love this concept and can you really go wrong with a belt and butt-plug for the readers sensual interests and quandary... looking forward to more of this now... ✦

  7. great excerpt, Tara!
    I agree, this was HOT!
    And I love the premise of DD as an alternative to divorce. Very realistic.
    The butt plug has really aroused my interest. I need to do some online searching I guess.

  8. OH, all those tickets. She's in for it now;)

  9. Fourth speeding ticket? Ouch! Bet she won’t be in such a hurry now! Great excerpt Tara :)

  10. A plug and a whipping with a belt on wet skin? Would hate to see what happens if her license had been revoked!

  11. whew, wet whippings are wicked! (how was that for an alliteration? :)

    great teaser!

  12. Yikes! Plugged and strapped, and he doesn't even wait for her to get out of the bath first. It's that last line that gets me, too. Oh, poor girl! Wonderful snippet!