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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sex toy review Battle of the Bum Vibes

Many spankos find their bum fettishes go beyond a brusied and blistered bottom. There is another naughty little place that can bring lots of pleasure. And they are not alone. The variety of toys on the market proves this is another pleasuredome to be visited and capitalised on.  I went in search of my perfect bum vibe. First I went to Ann Summers and checked out what they had on offer. At the time of my visit they either had massive, scary looking things that there was no way in hell I was putting there! Or they had a teeny tiny little "landing lights" vibe. Well, I confess the coward in me opted for the teeny tiny. Nice but no real oomph. At that time it came to may attention that there was a new on line distributer right here in Ireland so I decided to check out what they had to offer in this department.
Ann Summers Landing Lights Anal vibrator LoveBuzzVibes Aquavee Jelly Anal Plug
Pros Pros
Small – great for those just beginning to explore anal play Much better size – stays in place, and gives a nice sensation of fullness.
Lights up – if you’re too shy to play with the lights on
The vibration is not too noisy, and a very pleasant speed :D

Insert it + rub the clit = fecking electric!

The silicon exterior is that bit more smooth and flexible, facilitating insertion, which is a very good thing as it’s reasonably large.

Price – At seven pounds fifty it’s cheap! Very speedy delivery in Ireland – It arrived in one business day.
Cons Cons
Too small to stay in place or give enough sensation of a plug. A bit pricier at twenty five euro, but in my opinion well worth the extra money.
Very rigid
Personally I would have preferred if it was packaged in a rigid box for mailing, although the packaging had no labels or anything embarrassing.

The on/off switch is too tiny to operate well, especially with slippy hands! Might be a bit large for novices…I would suggest starting with a smaller plug first, even non vibrating.

The lights make it obvious – not for play in a house of sleeping children that might inadvertently disturb you – especially when the damn thing won’t turn off. Still fiddling about with the starter button, but at least it turns off if you take your finger off the button so no noise if there are unwanted visitors
Very noisy
Rating  2/5 Rating              4/5


  1. And now I'm searching through US sites to find the LoveBuzzVibes Aquavee Jelly Anal Plug...

    1. International posting rates were not excessive :D

  2. Those damn unwanted visitors! I am searching now too!

    1. LOL, see above! International posting rates were not excessive.
      Damn it. Maybe I will see if they will give good postal rates to those who quote Tara Finnegan in their order.

  3. I've bought from a UK distributor and shipping to NL was not expensive maybe even free depending on how much you spent. Not that I was buying in bulk. ;) I couldn't see the little one but too little is hardly worth the effort I say. And as far as it not turning off - Lelo has an awesome vibrator but if you need to quickly hit the off switch, you're screwed! They really need an 'emergency - kids are coming in' off button on these things. When I'm in the market for a new bum toy, I'm looking here.

    Also, love that you used the word bum. So much better than all the others... :) Please make this a regular column!

    1. LOL, all vibes should have an emergency off button!
      Thanks Natasha. Dunno if I could do this type of post too often - I debated with myself for weeks about it.

  4. Tara- doing all the hard hitting research for us! :)
    I do like a good bum vibe... okay I actually had no idea they sold a vibe specifically for this, I have just been using a smaller vibrator.

    1. Casey, believe me it was my pleasure :D
      Actually, its not much different to a regular vibrator.