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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Taa Daa It's here....it really is...

I'm really really excited, it's finally here

"What?" I hear you ask. "What is here?"

Did I not mention more than once how excited I was about the first release from the Corbin's Bend series? Duh, how silly of me!

What, no? I didn't .. God I could have sworn I had mentioned it at least once.

Oh, that was sarcasm. Sorry in my excitement I missed it. Ok ok maybe I have been harping on about it a little, (oh ok maybe a lot) but it's such an exciting project. A whole spanking community of characters and stories to be enjoyed. It's no wonder I'm getting carried away.

So what are you doing still here? Get on over to The Corbin's Bend site and click on one of the buy links for the wonderful Thianna D's Finding Their Bliss.


  1. Thanks Tara! I'm doing a little happy dance over here. Something to the tune of "It's out! It's out!" It's a good thing nobody can see me jumping up and down.

    1. Enjoy, Thianna. You deserve your happy dance by now! You came up with a blinder of an idea and worked so hard to pull it all together. Congratulations :D