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Sunday, 20 July 2014

#CorbinsBend #BlogBlitz #Prizes #Snippet His Forever Summer

Todays links for the Corbin'sBend Blog Blitz are
Book Lover Sue
The Chronic Romantic
Garside's Book Bets
Katherine Deane
Kelsey's Corner Time
Love Bites and Silk Ties
Natasha Knight

To be in with a chance to win any of the wonderful prizes, go check them all out! The more you participate, the more chances you have.

And here's what up for grabs:

    * Welcome to Corbin's Bend Gift Basket (US Only) (From the Corbin's Bend authors)
    * $50 Gift Card to Amazon (Donated by Blushing Books)
    * A bottle of Spanking Bottom Red wine (US only) (Donated by Cara Bristol)
    * $10 Gift Card to Blushing Books (Donated by Constance Masters)
    * $20 Gift card to either Amazon or Nook (Donated by Maren Smith)
    * $10 Amazon Gift Card (Donated by Tara Finnegan )
    * $10 Gift Card to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble (Donated by Thianna D)
    * 1 Kindle copy of Coming to Terms (Donated by Cara Bristol )
    * 1 Kindle copy of Unexpected Consequences (Donated by Cara Bristol )
    * 1 eBook of For Ben (Donated by Kate Richards )
    * 1 eBook from Kathryn R. Blake's backlist (Donated by Kathryn Blake )
    * 1 copy choice of My Naughty Little Secret or Mastering Maeve (Donated by Tara Finnegan )
    * 5 copies from her backlist (Donated by Thianna D)

Added to that, a quick hello here will enter you into a prize draw for a basket of goodies from Ange and a $5 Blushing Books Gift certificate.

Here's another snippet from His Forever Summer

 She looked at Kieran; he was relaxing with his eyes shut, soaking up the sun. Instinctively, she took her ice cold water bottle and dumped it over him. He shot up, eyes blazing, and Carla decided the best thing was to laugh and run, make a game of it and let Bethany and Kirk have their conversation in private. She took off. Kieran dashed after her. She was laughing so hard he caught up easily and cornered her.  Once trapped, he backed her right up against the wall. Carla started wrestling him off but he defeated her by tickle torture, something Carla couldn’t stand.  He then lifted her up, threw her over his shoulder and walked over to the pool. He placed a playful swat on her behind, and unceremoniously dumped her into the freezing cold pool.

                Laughing at how indignant she was, he held out his hand to pull her out. Just as she was reaching the side of the pool, Carla kicked against the wall, pulling herself, and Kieran back down into the water. For a moment, they were entwined in the water. In spite of the cold, there was a heat between their bodies. Kieran’s eyes were dark. He pulled her toward him and she knew what was on his mind. She was not going there, not with a non spanko. She splashed cold water in his face, laughed and extricated herself from his grasp.   Once again, her acting without thinking had nearly landed her in an awkward place. Carla vowed to be more careful around Kieran, so he wouldn’t think she was giving him the come on. The first man in forever that she wasn’t interested in, and he tried to make a move on her. Carla had to laugh at the irony of it. 

Thanks for visiting and participating. Hope you're lucky in the prize giveaway. Don't forget it closes at 11:59 ET tomorrow.


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