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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

#Wipitup Wednesday #Corbinsbend His Forever Summer An Unwanted Guest

Thanks to Melody Parks for organising Wip It Up Wednesday, and giving us a great opportunity to share a little of our work. 

This is the opening my next Corbin's Bend novella, His Forever Summer. It's unedited as yet, so please forgive any refinements yet to be made.

“Oh bollocks,” Jim exclaimed as he read the screen in front of him.
“What’s up?” Ange asked. Jim rarely swore anymore and never in front of the children, so she knew it had to be something pretty bad. He had scrunched his eyes in that deeply contemplative way he had, revealing a deep ridge, evidence of his age and life experience. His once black hair was getting more and more peppered with grey, although the spring sunshine had his skin glowing with healthfulness.
“Kieran’s just split up with Maura. He’s due some leave and he wants to come here.”
“Sure that’s hardly the end of the world, is it?”
“For three bloody months!  I don’t know how Brent would take to that. It’s a long time and it would be hard to hide what Corbin’s Bend is.”
                Ange understood his anxiety. Although Kieran wasn’t the worst of them, neither Jim’s nor Ange’s family were too impressed when their spanking kink had come to light, very publicly. And if they couldn’t handle the kink, then full domestic discipline would definitely not go down well.  There wasn’t a hope in hell of Kieran understanding it, or the community they lived in.
                “You’ll have to put him off, simple as that. Tell him it’s a closed community and we are only allowed visitors for a week or so. Anyway, it’s not really lying; we aren’t supposed to have long term visitors without the board’s approval.” Ange said.
                “Yeah! You’re right, that’s what I’ll do. I doubt Brent would like it. Perfect. Thanks, love.”  Ange listened to the rapid click, click, click of the tablet’s keyboard. She was amazed at how computer literate Jim had become since working with Brent. In Ireland everything was thrown in a shoebox and handed to the accountant. He always said that stuff was beyond him, and yet off the top of his head he could tell you the profit on any job, the cost of any material and what he had in his bank account to the penny, with nothing more than pen and paper and a good memory. He was just to run ragged to set it down formally in a spreadsheet or to get to grips with changing technology.
                “Feck it!” Jim exclaimed loudly a few minutes later. Ange looked over. His face was red with anger.
                “Bugger had only gone and booked his ticket earlier, it wasn’t a bloody request; he was merely informing us he’s coming.”
                “Nice of him to let us know in advance of landing here! So when is he arriving?” Ange asked.
                “Next week. Bang goes my study for three months. Brent did say I could have an office, but I always preferred doing the paper work from here. I like having my coffee breaks with you.”
                The loss of the office was the least of Ange’s worries. She was concerned about the interference in their private life.  She and Jim were closer than ever before and their sex life was amazing. She wasn’t happy at the idea of another adult staying with them. It would mean they would have to keep the noise down. And the domestic discipline she had fought so hard to avoid was almost like a drug to her, a sedative when she was stressed, a pick me up when she was down. She didn’t want that curtailed.  Not to mention another person to feed, clean up after and have under her feet.
                “I don’t want him to know what this place is, Jim. Please don’t tell him. He won’t understand.”
                “It’ll be hard to hide it, love. Anyway, I thought we left the shame behind in Ireland.”

                “Yeah well, it seems Ireland just followed us here. Please. For me?”  

So what do you think Jim should do? Should he keep the secret of why they moved, or should he be straight up about the nature of the community, rather than letting an unsuspecting Kieran loose in a spanking community? 

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