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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Spanking Romance Author Katherine Deane talks about her hot new release The Coach's Discipline

I am so excited to have Katherine Deane here today with her new release A Coach's Discipline. I have been wrecking my brain trying to figure out why this book appealed to me, and I think it’s because the heroine was so real, it could have been me. No, of course I’m not so silly to think I could make an Olympic marathon runner, the only runner I would make is for placing down the centre of my table. But Claire was your normal everyday person, she had a dream and she was lucky enough to have the abilities to match her dream. What she lacked was self-belief. Her growth in the hands of wonderful coach, and ultimately boyfriend, was a joy to read about. Katherine is sharing one of my favourite scenes in the book. The doughnut fight! Yes doughnut, although she is going to insist on calling it a donut! 

TF: Katherine, I loved your book, from beginning to end. In fact I thought it ended way too soon, because I just didn't want to say goodbye to Claire and Nick. 
While I adored both characters I found Claire especially wonderful as you painted a very human woman who struggled with lots of past issues, but who rose against the odds in spite of everything. The doughnut scene says it all really, Claire is struggling with a past memory when Morgan makes snide comments to another team member, Donna. And Claire is pretty peeved, she is not taking it lying down. So, I have to ask, when you wrote that scene, were you thinking Claire is going too far, or just far enough with her reaction :) If you were one of Claire's teammates, would you be cheering her actions, even if it was silently? 

KD: Thanks so much, Tara! I was so excited about your review. Thanks!
The donut scene was kind of tough for me to do. I wanted to show Claire's fury and pain; I wanted her to completely lose control and lash out.
Originally, I had her smack Morgan- turning the scene into an old fashioned cat fight.
But a good friend who beta'd for me, suggested Claire might not be received as well, if she actually struck another woman. And I agree. I really don't think fighting is pretty.  With hot guys, it can be pretty damn sexy. But with women? It's just not my preference. So I'm glad I backed Claire off from the physical contact.

As for cheering on as a teammate? Heck yeah! I would have been silently pleading with her to find a couple of jelly donuts to smush all over Morgan's self righteous a--, hehe, attitude.
I despise bullying, and would have loved to see her put in her place. :)
Especially by a good girl.

TF: <<Giggles>> You really don't like Morgan do you? But everyone loves a good antagonist in a novel, someone who makes the main characters blood boil. Of course now I have to ask, is there a real life Morgan that you modelled her on?

KD: Holy cow, I really despised Morgan for most of this story. Thankfully, there was no real "Morgan" in my life, but I have seen and received my fair share of bullying during my life, so I was to empathize easily.
Ok, you're going to die when you hear this. Please don't laugh too hard at me. I actually did have a moment, where I realized where part of my Morgan / Claire scenes were coming from.
Seriously, don't laugh too hard. :)

I was listening to the hundredth replaying of one of my kids' Barbie DVD's. I think it was "Fairy Secret". Anyway, I heard a scene where Barbie and the other woman - her antagonist were arguing about something, and all of a sudden it hit me.
Oh my God. My two female MC's in my story had had "Barbie" moments! I grabbed one of the kids quick, and asked her, "Quick, what's that woman's name?" and prayed it wasn't Morgan. That would have killed it for me.
Thankfully, her name was Raquel. NOT Morgan, LOL.

Otherwise, I might have scrapped the whole book, in fear I was recreating a Barbie movie.

TF: I’m laughing my ass off over here, Katherine. That story is just too funny. I don’t think Barbie will ever be the same to me again. Thank God her name wasn't Morgan or we could have been deprived of a wonderful story. Obviously, as I've already stated I've read the book and I know how this scene pans out. (No I am not telling, you just have to go and buy it if you want to know more!!)  But I do want to know, if this happened in the real athletic world, do you think most coaches would feel forced to apply sanctions to the two ladies?

KD: LOL, thanks! I'm just glad that Claire was a brunette, and not a blonde, or I really would have been confused by my subconscious. 
Hmm, about the real world, I don't know. My time period for coaching was twenty years ago. There was a level of respect afforded all authority figures. https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gifSo the coach probably wouldn't have let it go that far to begin with. And if s/he had gave any direction, that activity would have stopped immediately.
But I'm dealing in the fantasy side of contemporary writing - where handsome coaches have no problem asserting their authority on bad mannered young women. So bring on the bare bottoms, I say!

TF: LOL, is there any situation where you wouldn't be bringing on the bare bottoms, Katherine?
I can't imagine your reaction if twenty years ago your coach said to bend over the desk for a spanking!!! 
I think this scene demonstrated that Claire's character was growing under coach Nick's care, even if she didn't exactly show it in the most appropriate manner. How do you think Nick would have felt about that?

KD: Absolutely right, there, Tara! :)
I am so glad you picked up on that growth in the scene!  Claire had always had such a hard time standing up for herself or for anyone. And confrontation was so foreign to her. So this is not only a HUGE step for Claire (fight or flight, remember? almost always flight), but it also shows how much her trust  has grown for him.

I think Nick was proud of her, and honored that she would submit to him; but also conflicted as all get out, by the "what if"s" and complexity of the situation.

Nick seems like a really good guy. Does he do life coaching as well as athletics? If so sign me up!

TF:So what is next for Katherine Deane? Are you working on anything right now that you can share a little details on? I for one am dying to read more of your work. 

KD: well, I do have a couple of HOT paranormals in the queue. (lots of action, violence, funny "one liners", and lots of spanking!).
But before I finish them, I want to finish out a few of these contemporaries that have been floating around in my head for a while. :)
The current one is a fun, contemporary spanking romance - with my favorite scenario:
strong, feisty woman
stronger, dominant man
sparks flying
and of course, lots of spanks!

I'll keep you posted :)

Thanks so much for having me today, Tara.

TF: And thank you for visiting – it really was such fun. We won’t even tell the readers about the banter that didn’t make the editors cut!!! The men with the straight-jackets would be queuing up for us. Now hurry up and write another book so I can read it.

A Coach's Discipline By Katherine Deane

In this scene, Morgan just showed up with donuts. Recap, Claire is a recovering bulimic, trying to be healthy, and be a good role model to the younger women. Morgan is her antagonist. They did not hit it off from the get go.

Krispy Kreme. The donut chain that was famous for its sinfully delicious glazed donuts had been founded in Winston Salem, not far from them. She could smell the fragrant, sugary mix, as it wafted along the breeze toward her.

She took a deep cleansing breath and forced herself to stay calm. These had been her favorite in college. She had loved the taste of the sweet warm dough as it hit her tongue. She would eat a few after a long run on Sundays. One Sunday, her coach had commented on how “cute” she looked with her little belly pooching out like an Ethiopian runner. She had barely swallowed the last bite when her coach had sneered, “Too bad you can’t run like one.”

She had gone home and purged herself of the dreadful donut, hoping to also purge the memory of the older woman’s sneer and harsh laughter. She had not touched a donut since that day, almost ten years ago.

She absent-mindedly ran her hand across her stomach, rubbing and feeling the little plumpness that had been so sporadic years ago, when she had eaten big meals. Now, it seemed a permanent fixture.

Well, there was nothing she could do about it now. The other girls were all watching her, waiting for her to deem the donuts acceptable for consumption. And she wasn’t going to be a bad influence on them.

“I think I’ll have one, thanks Morgan.” She grabbed a donut and took a small bite, smiling at the other girls.

They each took one and moaned in delight at the tasty treat.

“Now don’t eat too much, sweetheart.” She heard the malice in Morgan’s saccharine sweet voice and turned to see Morgan addressing Donna. “You wouldn’t want to put back on that baby fat you lost last season. And you worked soooooo hard.”

“Leave her alone, Morgan,” Claire growled, feeling a fierce protectiveness for the youngest of their group. She watched out of the corner of her eyes as Donna apprehensively toyed with her donut. Everyone knew that Donna had lost 10 pounds the previous year after starting her training with Nick. But the real blessing was that she was one of the sole athletes who had done it the right way, the healthy way, through great workouts and healthy eating. Even though Donna was still not at peak age or performance, the team couldn’t have been more proud of the sweet young woman. And Claire wasn’t going to let her get hurt.

“Don’t get your panties in a wad, Miss High-and-Mighty.” Morgan tossed her hair and gave a haughty grin, “It’s not like she’s going to make the Trials anyway.” She turned to Donna, “You go ahead and eat all the donuts you want, honey. May as well enjoy yourself.”

Donna stood there red-faced and shaking as if unsure whether she should be more embarrassed or angry at the harsh comment. She moved to throw her donut in the trash, sad and defeated, and Claire reacted.

She jumped from her position on the grass and tore the donut from the hurt young woman’s grasp, flinging it with all her might toward Morgan’s perfect face.

“You are such a bitch, Morgan!” She ignored the other girls’ startled cries, and stormed over to stand in front of the astonished woman.

Morgan’s cheeks lost all color and her eyes flashed in anger, her chest heaving. “God Claire, you are such a drama queen! What is your frickin’ problem?!”

“You are the problem, you arrogant, condescending beauty queen wannabe! And by the way, maybe you’d run faster if you’d lose a little weight up top.” She pointed at Morgan’s heaving breasts. “They have to be slowing you down by at least two minutes!”

The anger consumed her as years of pain coursed through her veins, spilling out of her mouth in the most venomous words she could think of as she lashed out at the woman in front of her. She ignored the pleas of the other women. It felt too good to let all of this out. Donna squealed and jumped up and down trying to get their attention. “Please you guys, calm down! Please!”

Morgan advanced with her palm raised and her eyes full of fire, ready to throttle Claire. But she stood strong, unafraid, letting her own fury course through her. Her heart raced, as the adrenaline surged through her body. She was going to make Morgan hurt as much as she had hurt Donna. As much as her coach had hurt her. As much as her mom had hurt her. She tensed and balled her hands into tight fists in front of her.

Blurb and buy links:

Marathon runner Claire Jacobs has always dreamed of making it to the Olympics, but she has a habit of getting in her own way. With the help of Nick Fox, a legendary coach known for his unconventional techniques, she prepares for one last shot at her dream. Traumatic memories of her experience with her last coach still haunt Claire, though, and in spite of his reputation she finds it hard to trust Nick’s authority. 

The more time he spends with Claire, the more Nick finds himself enchanted by her drive and deep commitment to her fellow runners. But when her self-destructive behavior crosses the line, Nick realizes he has only one option to help the woman he has come to care about so much—he will need to give her the first spanking of her life and make sure it is one she will not forget. 

Despite his firm discipline, Claire quickly comes to crave Nick’s dominance and direction, and soon he has grown to be much more than just her coach. But when jealousy and misunderstandings threaten to tear the team apart, will she run away as she always has in the past, or can she trust in her newfound love and race toward her goals with an open heart? 

Publisher’s Note: The Coach’s Discipline is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

 Buy it now on :  Amazon     |     Amazon UK    |    Blushing Books.

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