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Sunday 21 July 2013

Getting up close and personal

Up 'til now I've kept most of my posts pretty clean and impersonal but today I'm breaking the mould!
The other half has been away for a few days. On one level it's been great as he hasn't been here to nag me about spending too long at the computer and I wrote non stop.
On the other hand, You all know what I write!
And this new WIP also has some hot spanking and sex scenes, a lot of which were written this weekend. So I've been driving myself totally crazy with all these lewd thoughts and no hubby to take my rampant raging hormones out on.
He absolutely refuses to read anything I write, he says he doesn't want to know. But that's not strictly true. He sits across the table from me and I read out the "good stuff," and he's my hardometer. If he's horny when I'm done reading, then I know I've done an ok job. He has three or four scenes to listen to when he gets home. I sure hope I did a good job and the hardometer is very happy! ;-D

A little taster of what he's going to have to listen to:

“Don’t you dare come,” he warned, knowing that his saying it would make it all the harder to resist. He penetrated her pussy with his fingers gathering as much moisture as he could. He could feel her muscles tightening around him ready for climax and he cruelly withdrew them, causing her to emit a low whimper of disappointment. He used her moisture to lubricate the tight puckered little bottom hole, penetrating it deeply with his finger. Her anus fought the intrusion and she whimpered some more. 


  1. Lol Tara! I love your word 'hardometer' - what a great word!

    But I feel for you - my hubby is going on a business trip for a few days too, & it's a total bummer when I'm hot & horny for him.

    Hope yours gets home soon - and that his hardometer is in perfect working order.

    And thanks for the tidbit - mmmm.

    :) Cali

    1. He's home and all is well with the world! Thanks Cali. Hope yours isn't away too long.

  2. hardometer-- I love it! I know, I have the entire month of August to endure without my husband :(

    1. A WHOLE MONTH...oh my, that is a long time, so sorry to hear that.

  3. That's funny that you "test" the good parts on your husband.

  4. Hardometer… :) My husband reads now and again but not everything. I'm going to mention the hardometer to him…


    1. Oh you should Natasha, it has its advantages. :D