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Wednesday 24 July 2013

So Just What is It about Spanking (Part Two)

So Just What is It about Spanking  (Part Two)

If you have joined without reading my guest blog in Spanking Romance Reviews please do click on this link and read it first as the following will be much more meaningful if you’ve read part one.
There is so much into spanking that it’s impossible to begin to explain every sensation, emotion and thought. Part one dealt very much with the anticipation of a spanking. But what then, immediately after it’s over? Again, this is a personal account, it’s not the same for everyone.

He holds me over his lap. His hand rubs my scorched tingling bottom. I’m satisfied. Finally it’s enough even to quench my raging thirst for spanking. I tremble in sensual delight as the heat turns to sublime pleasure. The reaction of my sex organs is almost the equivalent of a male hard on as everywhere “down there” is swollen, throbbing and alive. I absolutely need to be touched. His hand drops between my legs, touching my engorged clit and labia. I push against his hand, greedy for more. I try to adjust my position to coax his fingers inside my aching vagina. Finally after what seems like forever he pushes them inside and my pussy swallows them greedily. My hips are thrusting, gyrating, trying to get the absolute maximum pleasure but right now fingers don’t cut it. I need his cock.
“Please… fuck me,”  I beg in desperation. I fight to get up…So I can take back some control, force him to be as needy as me. Then it becomes a battle of wills, I want him inside so I use all my feminine guiles to bring him to my level of greed. It’s not hard as the dominance of the spanking has already made him feel horny as hell, not to mention the vista of a delightfully pink round backside blushing under his touch, and the wet welcoming pussy purring to his touch.
 The sex is electric. Hard and furious. Forget gentle, lovemaking…there’s no time for that. Once he’s in I push against him to get it as deep as possible, and then I thrust again and again, encouraging him to speed up. My body has long ago tensed up for orgasm (I’ve probably already had two or three across his lap while he played with my pussy) and the intensity is amazing. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced with “Vanilla” sex.  

Afterwards, if it has been a really good spanking, my bottom tingles for hours, or even better a day or two and that keeps the lust light burning, leading to a really exciting sex life.


  1. Is this one of your Irishisms? :D Nice post, Tara.

  2. Lol, Ana, I think it's the same in any language!
    Thank you.

  3. Another very sensuous post, Tara. I am definitely enjoying your spankings vicariously. ;-)

  4. Thanks Kathryn. I'm done with them for now, but I suppose I just wanted to show what the appeal is.

  5. Holy hell! That was steamy Tara! You got me all tingly.

  6. I love your blog Casey, so I know you're as bad as I am! Thank you.

  7. Dude - you need to warn one about the heat rating of your posts! My virgin eyes!!!!


    What Casey said...

  8. Lol, Natasha, on this site you have to click you're over 18! Thank you!

  9. The eros steaming from the page is breathtaking and your provocative and enduring eroticism in the way you write is so appealing to this reader... ✻ and now I need to take a cold shower... *smiles* ✤

    1. And *smiles* here too Joseph. Thank you.