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Friday 19 July 2013


Some days I wonder what my life would be like without my girlfriends. Honest to God, they are the best.

I have one particular girlfriend I talk to at least three times a week, often for over an hour at a time. And we talk pure codsawallop (rubbish) most of the time. I hate when hubby is around for these phonecalls as I feel stupid if he's eavesdropping as it is such nonsense.

Sometimes we moan about the lot of being a wife and mother, sometimes we bitch about someone who has annoyed either of us and sometimes we just moan about the weather. Now that might sound like a lot of moaning, but in reality what starts off as a whinging session ALWAYS ends up with both of us roaring laughing, turning the whole situation into a farce. And when you laugh at something you see how ridiculously petty you're being. Many a marriage is saved by good girlfriends.

I have another friend who tells me her hubby absolutely loves when she gets off the phone after a bitching session, because whatever she had been nagging him or arguing with him about is then out of her system. And yes, she is usually laughing when she gets off the phone.

So lets hear it for sisterhood. I love my girlfriends.


  1. I am totally laughing-- because I also feel like I have to walk away from my husband when I'm on the phone with my girlfriends!!

    1. Safest option Renee, it only gives them more ammo when they hear the nonsense we ramble on about. One friend actually says to hubby, "Oh no, what are you doing home," when he answers the phone. It cracks him up!

  2. Everybody should have girlfriends. I see some people who get so focused on family they let friends drift away or they feel they don't need friends. A good fried is worth her weight in gold.

    1. I couldn't agree more. It can be all to easy to let them drift away, but they're the best for grounding you.