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Thursday 11 July 2013

Sunshine Again!

Wow Wow Wow,

More sunshine - everything and everyone is going delirious with the heat. Even the birds are going crazy. I went out to the line to hang out yet more bed-linen (because the lesser known eleventh commandment is Thou Must Wash Bed-linen in Heatwaves, right?) and while I was outside no less than three sparrows came into the house to escape the 30 degree heat.

They were blinded, flying from one window to another with one of our dogs barking excitedly below them really adding to the confusion. I had my Cinderella Disneyesque moment while I lifted the poor terrified birds and released them outside. I wouldn't mind but their gratitude didn't extend so far as to help me fold the freshly laundered sheets...sadly my movie like moment ended before the housework began. Typical!

Enjoy the sunshine all.


  1. Aw, what a sweet little episode! :)

    And that lovely, cool, blue water in the photo looks extremely inviting. Outta the way, swan! *splashhh!*

  2. I can't believe those birds didn't help you fold the sheets! The nerve of them. Haha. Enjoy the sunshine :)

  3. Lucky you! I'd love a Cinderella type moment with the little birds. And at least they didn't poop on you. ;)

    Glad that you are enjoying that sunshine!

    :) Cali