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Monday 15 July 2013

Yahoo, finally....

At long last... Swimwear suitable for spankos. Now I need never worry about the high cut legs showing a little more than I bargained for.
The tankini with boxer short type bottoms were my saviour for a time but then they became impossible to get here in Ireland.

This may sound like such a silly thing to get excited about but I'm such a couch potato and the only sport I enjoy is swimming but there have been times I thought it safer to avoid the pool, lest I might upset people by showing too much (red) flesh.

But now there's the "Boyleg Swimsuit" so I can combine my two favourite hobbies safely. Thank you Slazenger! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I got one of these cossies and they cover more than the average pair of shorts.

Ladies Slazenger Boyleg Swimsuit Ladies From store.slazenger.com


  1. That's actually pretty cute! It looks kind of like a wet suit for surfers or scuba divers and not like and "old lady" cover it up suit, lol.

    Thanks for sharing - I'm going to click on the link too.

    :) Cali

  2. Hi, Cali, Thank you for the feedback.
    I have my suit now and I would say, If you're a competitive swimmer trying to keep up certain times, it absorbs quite a bit of water, thus creating a lot of drag. But if, like me, you swim for keep fit only, the extra drag means you're working harder and its a bonus. I got a two toned one which is quite kind to the flatter chested ladies (again like me :-(. )

  3. I know, you have to have the boy shorts if you're a spanko!!! I made that mistake last summer-- promised the kids I'd take them to the pool and THEN realized I had marks on my ass! oops!

    1. Oops indeed Renee. LOL, I know that feeling.