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Monday 15 July 2013


I've spent the last couple of weeks trying my damndest to work on a couple of different WIP's and finally I've found my way. When I wrote My Naughty Little Secret, I hadn't read anything in this genre and I had absolutely no pre-conceived ideas of what was right or wrong, or what would please or displease the reader. I wrote what I wanted without knowing or caring what had gone before. Then when I discovered Stormy Night Publications, not only as a publisher for me but as an incredible publisher in this genre, I started reading everything I could lay my hands on.

Holy Moses, they have published some seriously hot stuff, the steam rises from my nostrils (and other bits) as I read Natasha, Renee, Constance, Breanna, Adaline, and so on, and on, and on. A fantastic line up that make me quiver in my  boots.

I wanted to be like them and every day I sat at the computer trying to be something I'm not. Finally I'm beginning to realise, each of those wonderful writers has their own unique voice, it's not my job to imitate them, but rather to find a voice of my own.

Truth is strong, feisty, brattish women are a real feature of Irish society, most of us need a good kick in the arse but heaven help the poor man who tries to give us one, he's going to have to be well able to face the consequences. And they are the characters I love, the feisty, stubborn woman and the man who takes her on. So maybe that should be my trademark for the future.


  1. Great post, Tara, and absolutely agreed.

    It probably sounds silly to those who haven't tried to write but it can be so hard to find your own voice. I really like the sound of the 'trademark' you have in mind; I love that it comes from your own experiences and personality - that sort of grounding/authenticity can only be a good thing.

    1. Thanks Penelope,
      They say you should write what you know best, and I guess that's what it boils down to. All around me, I see tough women who have a lot of spirit. So many of my friends are an inspiration. They are fun, witty and tough, but still manage to be totally over-protective mothers and pretty indulgent wives!

  2. Aw, thanks for the mention. I know, Penelope's right-- don't compare yourself, just write what you want to read...

  3. "Thanks for the mention" says one of the queens of spanking fiction! Holy Cow Renee, I'd love to be able to do what you can do!
    What I want to read is yours, and Natasha's and all all of the above mentioned, but now I realise reading and writing are totally different,and what I need to write is what I can see clearly and share with feeling. And then I can curl up in a quiet moment with my kindle and fall in love with all your characters.