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Tuesday 30 July 2013

A bad mom!

I'm sitting at my computer writing, and my daughters come downstairs. Now they're pretty grown up, between ten and twelve, but they have a doting Dad who is inclined to spoil them. He left for work early this morning, and they look at me...hopefully but already knowing the answer...

"Mammy, I'm hungry," says daughter one. Daughter two is cuter, she waits for daughter one to do the talking.
"Well, you know what to do about that," I reply.
"Where's Dad," asks daughter two in an accusatory tone, he's supposed to be here to serve her.
"Gone to work," I reply tapping away.

Somehow they manage to fix themselves breakfast, like they always do when he's away, but they're really not happy.

But do I care? No, because I think kids of that age are well capable of putting some cereal in a bowl and adding milk, and doing it for them is not only silly, but maybe even a little damaging. But they're his little girls and I think it's sweet that he looks out for them. And then I remember the lovely cup of coffee he brought me before leaving for work, it's really no different, he likes taking care of us.

Just what is it about daddies and their little girls that makes them so protective? I can't answer that but as long as it continues to spill over to the wife, and I get my coffee, I'm not going to complain!

And how does this make me a bad mom? Well apart from letting them feed themselves or starve, I'm letting them believe that men should spoil them.


  1. Aww, you're husband sounds sweet. And I think you're a good mom! You're not really letting them believe men should spoil them, a good man should WANT to spoil them, but at least they'll be able to get their own cereal ;)
    It was the same when I was growing up, my dad always gave me whatever I asked for and my mom's answer was always "You have two legs. You can do it yourself."

  2. I think Mom's are tougher on the girls and Dad's are tougher on the boys. I think it's sweet that Daddy likes to spoil your girls a little. Yes, they can get their own cereal. In fact, it's probably even easier to do it themselves, since they don't have to ask and wait to be served. But Daddy likes to do little things for all his girls, not just his kids, because he loves them.

  3. Funny. Tell them my 8 and 10 year old make their own breakfast. Although I may as well do it for them with the mess I have to clean up.

    Also tell them how lucky they are to have their daddy. My kids have learned not to even bother asking either of us.

    How funny. And no, you're not a bad mom. Men should spoil women.