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Saturday, 12 July 2014

#SatSpanks A time to submit in Exile to Unity #Corbins Bend

Saturday Spankings
Welcome back to another Saturday Spankings. Hope you all had a great week. After you have done your rounds of hot snippet, don't forget if you have some time to spare that there is a book launch party on Spanking Romance Reviews for Katherine Deane's new book, Coach's Discipline with fun and prizes a plenty.

This is a snippet from Exile to Unity, my first Corbin's Bend Novella. Don't forget to watch out for news of my next one, His Forever Summer either here or on the Corbin's Bend blog.

Jim has been trying to get Ange to come around to the idea of domestic discipline and so far she is fighting it all the way. However, when she realises her marriage could be at stake she suddenly agrees to it, without explaining her reasons. She volunteers for a spanking along with a willing apology that had been a bone of contention a short while earlier.

He felt her stiffen as he raised his hand, but now that they had cleared the air, and she had offered her body so willingly, it became more of an erotic spanking than a punishment. He started off with a slow warm up, and allowed her body to relax and feel the sensations. As he spread the heat all around her beautifully rounded globes, he watched the pink flush spread and her body become open. Only then did he spank harder. Gradually he increased the heat, and as she struggled, he paused for a moment, before starting again. He could almost physically see the endorphins enter her body and he knew he could strike harder still, while still keeping connected without a struggle. Harder and harder he slapped, until he felt her give her body over to him completely. He was surprised to see Ange’s tears flowing and her shoulders shake in a silent sob.

Poor Jim. He would need to be psychic to understand her reaction to what would normally have been a pretty pleasurable experience. One of those occasions where you wish the other half came equipped with an automatic translation device....

Blurb: Exile to Unity, Corbin’s Bend Book Three

When their preference for BDSM becomes embarrassingly public, Angela and Jim O’Brien decide to start afresh in Corbin’s Bend, a community based on a common ethos of spanking, a place where Ange hopes they can belong.

Ange soon learns that in this new environment,  Jim is not beyond chastising her with a good sound spanking as the couple face their past demons and try to recover the closeness they once shared.  New challenges soon face the couple.  Will their difficulties destroy them or can their move be what Ange initially hoped for, an exile to unity?

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  1. This sounds like a really emotional book where Angela is concerned and I for one am very interested in seeing more through her eyes.

    1. Thanks, Sam. Yes, it is a very emotional book.

  2. General thanks to all who commented on this post - somehow or other I managed to lose your comments when I changed the settings on blogger, apologies all