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Wednesday 18 June 2014

Spank A2Z P is for Penetration

A2Z-Logo--C1P is for Penetration

Panting Wildly
Every sinew
Needs your touch
Excitement mounting
Torturous waiting
Raging fires
Aching need
Touch me please
Inside quick
Oh my…
Now I’m yours

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Many thanks to Celeste Jones and Spanking Romance Reviews for hosting this challenge.


  1. I love a good acrostic! We always did these in school, something tells me I would have focused more if I got this word rather than "Autumn" :)

    1. Lol, Casey! They never gave us the good words. Though I doubt any of my old teachers would be too quick to lay claim to me for that little piece of poetic genius ;)

  2. loved the acronym, Tara!

  3. Good grief, that was hot, Tara! Maybe it was just the timing of when I saw it, after a frustrating day fighting a failing computer and a recalcitrant website, but this one got my attention! You're right, they never gave us the good words in school.

    1. LOL, thanks Sher, glad I could distract you from your computer woes for a moment :)