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Friday 27 June 2014

Spank A2Z W, X, Y and Z.

A2Z-Logo--C1Whip my hide. I deserve it. I've been so focused on finalising the first draft of my WIP, Forever Summer, that I let the blogging slip. But I still want to cover every letter so I am doing a 4 day post in all

W is for wonderful writers who wax lyrical about wicked wanton women in want of a good walloping. Without them I would be woebegone.  

X is my preferred rating, if books carried the same ratings as movies. I like my reading material to be so hot it burns my fingers :)

Y - here is a good un. Yodeling up the valley. Thanks to Yahoo for this - apparently this is a euphemism for cunnilingus. 

Z - again courtesy of Yahoo and a new one for me. A Zipless fuck which is sex without emotional involvement.

Thanks to Celeste Jones and Spanking Romance Reviews for hosting this challenge which I almost managed, but fell at the last hurdle. 

And thanks to all those who visited:  commenters and  lurkers alike. It was fun. I hope you will drop in once in a while. 


  1. Yodeling up the valley - I've never heard that. But may have to use it sometime. LOL

    And a zipless fuck? Another one I haven't heard of. I would have thought it meant a dry hump - I've learned my new thing for the day :D

  2. I've heard of Zipless fuck. Erica Jong used it in her 1973 novel The Fear of Flying. It was about women's sexuality.

  3. I would not say you fell at the last hurdle. Was there a rule against four letters in one day? You're a multi tasker!

  4. Zipless fuck was Erica Jong, right? Not since Nick Scipio have I heard that referenced ;-)