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Wednesday 25 June 2014

SpankA2Z V is for Velcro

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George De Mestral was a wonderful guy. When out walking his dog, he noticed how birrs clung to his dogs hairs, with little hooks that caught onto fibres and he based his invention on that principle.

If you are fond of a little bondage but only operate your kink from home where it’s just yourself and your other half, for many there is this horror of something going wrong and then panic stations, you’re stuck like that until you can summons help, or someone misses you from their life.

There are Velcro cuffs and spreader bars available, they give the effect of bondage, with the added security of knowing you can escape in an emergency.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the use De Mestral had in mind when he came up with his invention, but I applaud him all the same. Thank You!

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  1. Thanks heavens for velcro on many levels, such an easy thing to be so helpful.

  2. Uh..... That's not the right linky list....I think this one is from Sat Spanks...

  3. HUH! Had no clue that dog hair and burrs could be inspiring:) Thank you De Mestral for walking your dog:)

  4. I want a spreader bar! I always forget though until I see things like this! No, not sure this was the intent for velcro but hey - we adapt...

  5. hehe, its many uses!

  6. I have to say I've never thought of Velcro in quite this way. It's pretty standard equipment when you have a wheelchair or walker because you can attach anything with it, even if you can't hold it. Never thought of it as bondage gear.