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Friday 20 June 2014

Spank A2Z S is for Satspanks! Carla meets Kieran O'Brien #CorbinsBend

Saturday Spankings

Hello! Somehow or other, I got my timing right, and my Spanking A2Z letter is S right on time for  The Saturday Spankings bloghop.

I'm sharing a little of my current, so far untitled WIP. It's another for the Corbin's Bend series. Yes, Carla finally gets her say! But sorry, no spankings today.

Jim O'Brien's brother comes for a visit but he has no idea what Corbin's Bend really is. So there should be some fun there. Here are Carla's first impressions.

A tall, lean, unshaven man opened the door wearing only a pair of cut-off jeans. He smiled lazily, sweeping the door wide, totally unperturbed that she had caught him half naked.
“The lovely Carla, I presume?”  
         Carla felt her face heat; was he laughing at her? What had Jim told him about her? Or maybe he was one of these Irish rogues she had heard about, flattering a woman into the sack. Well, he could save it; no way in hell was she bedding Jim O’Brien's brother. Not even if he was gorgeous….and muscular….and had molten chocolate eyes.

Jim and Carla are both characters you meet in Exile to Unity which is now available on Amazon, Blushing Books and Barnes and Noble. The links are below. 

Exile to Unity

When their preference for BDSM becomes embarrassingly public, Angela and Jim O’Brien decide to start afresh in Corbin’s Bend, a community based on a common ethos of spanking, a place where Ange hopes they can belong.

Ange soon learns that in this new environment,  Jim is not beyond chastising her with a good sound spanking as the couple face their past demons and try to recover the closeness they once shared.  New challenges soon face the couple.  Will their difficulties destroy them or can their move be what Ange initially hoped for, an exile to unity?

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  1. Shame on you for not having this all finished by the time I'm leaving on vacation. Oh well, it will give me something to look forward to.

  2. OMG, I am so excited for this one! I have been dying for Carla to get her own story, and to finally be seen as a "good guy"! Yay!

    And using Jim's brother as a love interest, after Carla stalked Jim?
    Effing brilliant!
    Hehe, I love the way your mind thinks!
    Can't wait!!!!

  3. Ooooh, "molten chocolate eyes..." Nuff said but you had me at Irish. PJ

  4. Oh, I like this. I can feel her attraction to him--and her resistance to it.

  5. More Corbin's Bend? Excellent!

  6. Excellent! Carla get a story AND an O'Brien all to herself. I really can't wait to read it.

  7. OOh I can't wait to get this one! Great snippet Tara :)

  8. I can't say anything everyone else hasn't already said. It's awesome, and as far as titles go, I'm perfectly serious if you do want help.