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Sunday 29 June 2014

Casey McKay comes to visit with a wonderful excerpt from her latest release, Loving Lena

I am delighted to have Casey McKay over to share her thoughts on a modern woman writing spankings in a historical setting and a wonderful punishment scene from her latest release Loving Lena, the second book in The Ravenswood Manor Series. I'm halfway through this book and thoroughly recommend it. Over to Casey.

Thanks so much for having me over today, Tara! I brought a snippet I hope your readers will appreciate from a pretty serious punishment Lena is receiving. I feel I need to mention that I partially started writing historical spanking fiction because I thought it would be easier to write in the spankings. There are no modern ideals, there is no reason to justify why a man is taking his woman in hand-- only I am a woman with modern ideals, so I was making it hard on myself, thinking I still needed to justify every spanking.
This obviously isn't a drawback, I really just made it harder on myself. But I did go to great lengths to make sure every punishment was for a specific reason, and fit the deed.
This particular one- Wesley is upset with Lena for failing to eat the entire day, causing her to nearly faint while they are out for a stroll. I felt it was justified because his resulting anger is coming from concern for her health. He is also sent further over the edge at her unrepentant and argumentative attitude.


He saw Lena tense up as he approached her from behind. He placed a hand on her back when he came up beside her.She turned to look at him and saw the spoon in his hand, her eyes meeting his, she gave him a pleading look.He would not be deterred by her. He moved her hands on the wall, placing them higher and urging her upper body forward so she was bracing her weight on her hands. Then he tapped the fronts of her thighs, wordlessly guiding her to take a step back.The position resulted in her reddened bottom jutting out further than the rest of her body.He stood beside her, an arm at her waist, keeping her in place. He hefted the heavy wooden spoon in his hand and was just lining up his first swing when she turned to look at him again."Please, Wesley. I am sorry."He paused and looked back at her."I do not know what came over me," she continued"Thank you," he said, acknowledging her apology. "Hold still, we are almost through."Her face crumpled, she must have thought she could escape further punishment by apologizing.Wesley hung on to his resolve and lined up for his first strike again as Lena turned back to face the wall.He brought the spoon down, producing a loud thwack off her naked backside.She gasped and when he struck her a second time she tried to twist her hips to the side the escape the third blow.He tightened his hand on her hip and pushed her back into position, "Try to hold still, I do not want to strike you anywhere other than your bottom."She braced her forehead against the backs of her hands on the wall and locked her knees.He swung down again and she cried out, "Please!"He continued, undeterred by her apologies. He did not want a repeat of any part of today. Lena nearly fainting in the park, yelling at him, snapping at him. He would not stand for her behavior and he needed to follow through on correcting her, even if it was killing him a little inside.He picked up the pace, switching back and forth between each cheek, not leaving any part of her bottom untouched from the unyielding implement in his hand.The grip he had on her waist hindered her from twisting away, but she brought up a foot, kicking up at him, trying to protect her backside.Wesley responded by pausing, waiting for her to put her foot back on the floor.She heaved out a shaky breath and slowly lowered her foot.He rewarded her efforts with an application of the spoon to the backs of her thighs.Lena howled in response and begged him to stop.He gave her a momentary reprieve, "Will you stay in position?"

Blurb and Buy Links:
Lena Trimble should be experiencing the happiest time in her life. She is in love with the most wonderful man she has ever met, they have a beautiful baby together, and they are starting a new life in a new country. But Lena feels like she is living a lie. Their child was conceived out of wedlock and she is still embroiled in a divorce from a horrible man who never loved her but was only after her money.
Wesley Lawford feels like the luckiest man alive. He finally has Lena all to himself and he is trying to build a new life with her and their child. But as Lena's divorce drags on, her fears of what others think have her retreating from the world, and worse, closing herself off to him. Afraid of losing Lena as she continues secluding herself, Wesley knows he must be firm with his future wife and Lena soon finds herself over Wesley's knee for a hard bare-bottom spanking. Will a firm hand and loving domestic discipline bring back the woman he loves? Will simply loving Lena be enough to keep them together?
Loving Lena is the second in the Ravenswood Manor series. The book is a Victorian romance set during the beginning of America's Bicycle Craze, in 1890's Philadelphia. Although each book can be read alone, characters from the first book in the series, Emmaline's Groom, are referenced in Loving Lena.
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  1. I loved this book!
    just finished it last night :)

  2. It's on my TBR list. Keep thinking about that darn bicycle seat and how it's got to hurt when you start with a sore bum.