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Tuesday 17 June 2014

SPANKA2Z O is for Opportunity

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To an Irish person,(and many other nationalities) America will probably always be considered the land of opportunity. In the days of The Great Famine, the 1840’s  approximately one million Irish people went to the USA.
One million. Many without education, many with no English, and all with no money to support themselves. And yet, there we prospered. And continued to migrate to it, and still do. It is still the land of opportunity in so many ways and in the recent recession, which we are assured is now over, it became one of the favoured destinations again.
America has offered opportunity to so many real Irish people and it seems fitting that it gave fictitious Ange and Jim the opportunity to start afresh. I want to share some of Jim’s thoughts on his arrival in Corbin’s Bend:

“Cheers, and welcome to our new life.”
“Cheers, Jim. Here’s to a new beginning. The house is lovely, isn’t it? It’s a pity I slept through our arrival. I didn’t get to see the neighborhood.”
“There’s always tomorrow.”
He sat beside Ange on the sofa, and she tucked her feet up and leaned in against him and talked about their plans for the next few days. That was all he had wanted. A little close, intimate contact as a promising new beginning. For that brief moment, it was Jim and Ange against the world. Just as it should be, just as it used to be, and maybe it could be again. As they rose to go to bed he even managed not to get too prickly when Ange tutted about how he left his empty mug on the coffee table and pointedly picked it up and carried it over to the sink. Rome wasn’t built in a day! If they could get the closeness back the niggling habits that had developed between them could be addressed one by one.

For the first time in a long, long while Jim O’Brien went to bed with a light heart even though he went to one of the children’s beds and Ange was tucked in beside the kids. This was a new opportunity. They had gambled and lost by taking that court case. Jim was just praying that the gamble on Colorado would have a better payoff. It better had, he was not going to give up on his family without a fight.

Exile to Unity

When their preference for BDSM becomes embarrassingly public, Angela and Jim O’Brien decide to start afresh in Corbin’s Bend, a community based on a common ethos of spanking, a place where Ange hopes they can belong.

Ange soon learns that in this new environment,  Jim is not beyond chastising her with a good sound spanking as the couple face their past demons and try to recover the closeness they once shared.  New challenges soon face the couple.  Will their difficulties destroy them or can their move be what Ange initially hoped for, an exile to unity?

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  1. That made me smile. I'll just say there's no better place than Colorado in the US so they chose well!! :)